My old friend with benefits

Me n my friend with benefits was messing around for a couple months. When me and my ex got back together i broke it off with my friend with benefits. Ima call my old friend with benefits G. N call my ex E. Me n E was off n on a lot. But when we were together i was always faithful. After a week of breaking it off with G he asked me to help him clean his back room. We made a deal. If i help him clean that he will let me use his car for my road test. So i accepted. Everthing was going good untill he started drinking while i was cleaning. When i was done we chilled for a bit. The whole time i was there with him he kept trying to force me to kiss him n kept forcing his hands between my legs and rubbing on me outside of my pants. I continued to tell him no n to stop pushing him away from me. Reminding him im back with my ex. G got mad at me yelling at how my ex dont deserve me but he do. After all the yelling he told me he love me n want me. But i refused to accept that. I was in love with my ex E. Me n G agreed on just friends with benefits, no strings attacted. I was confused when he told me he loved me because of that. He kept forcing his hands between my legs untill he just got frustrated n forcfully pulled my pants off and raped me. After a while he stopped finally from me screaming and crying. Me yelling at him is what stopped him. Not me saying "no,stop,plz,take me home". Not even me struggling to stop him and get away. It took for me to completely yell at him for him to stop. The walls in the back room are sensitive too so people can hear anything in the next building if someone was there. But noone was.... The next day i broke up with my ex E because of relationship problems. I was too hurt to tell him what happen. I couldnt. Only because my ex E not friends with G but they chill n talk almost everyday. I feel horrible because they still hang out n my ex E dont even know what he did to me.

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