And I may not be the woman that you are attracted to, i may not have long, thin legs and tan skin and and a nice body but good luck though. good luck finding a 30 or 40-year-old woman with that kind of body and if you do: good luck finding that woman that'll put up with your s***!
that'll put up with your mouth!!
that'll put up with how you live
And most of all good luck finding a woman that will put up with your disrespectful attitude.
In the beginning I had friends tell me that the only reason you were f****** me was because you there was no one else who would f*** you..maybe that's true.
And dont you ever come back on me again, telling me I stabbed you in the heart and I used and manipulated you because I lied to you about my feelings! and that because I wanted more than friendship that doesn't make me a good friend. If there is a king of using and manipulation it's you. And I'm about to tell you just where you can shove your crown.
All those times when you would duck down in the passenger side of my van because you didn't want to be seen with me if we were even in the same vicinity of our workplace was pretty f***** up. how do you think that made me feel?
Or when you tell me who you were attracted to or who you wanted to take out.. what what was your point? what were you trying to accomplish in saying those things?
And by the way, I know you've been burned by every single other woman that has walked into your life but who was left? who was always there for you when you needed them? who always answered the phone when you called?
Who was the woman who genuinely cared about you? Who bent over backwards to please you? Who was loyal to you when you had nobody else? And you have the audacity to tell me that our friendship has ran it's course because I wasn't honest about how i felt for you?
And by the way people were listening to our "argument"
they were listening to everything that you and I had said back-and-forth because after I left people followed me to my car to express how they felt that you were a very mean person and "they were on my side"
I'm not talking about somebody who's just hearing me relaying what you said to me or just hearing my side of it. they heard everything Out of your mouth and came to the seemingly unamious decision that you're an a******.
Good luck finding a good woman with her s*** together because no woman in her right mind who's 30 or 40 with her s*** together and in addition good looking is going to want you.
You f****** disgust me.
And when you do come back from Neverland I'm not going to be here for you.

Oct 17, 2015

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  • Way too many man-children scuttling around in this world. There's "Mike", the two triggered basement-dwellers below me, that orange thing squatting in the WH... just so many borderline MGTOWs who need to remove themselves from intelligent society and go find a nice hole in the ground to fap in until they die of dehydration.

  • Shut up you fat b**** and stop eating so much food.

  • Shut the f*** up cow

  • I love your attitude. And I hope you stick to it.

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