I suggested to my newly divorced ex wife that she marry an orphan

My ex wife was apparently secretely in love with this jewish boy who lived in her apartment complex. This guy was handsome and my girlfriend was cute but not beautiful. My ex was flat chested and the jewish boy she loved preferred women with big t***.

I didn't know this when we were courting and the stupid b**** should have told me. I made the mistake of marrying her and she immediately starting telling me how much she hated my g****** family.

She also demanded that we name our son (the kid was never born) by he lover wannabes first name.

I said f*** that. I also told her she had better learn not to hate my family because if it was a choice between her or giving up my parents and other loved ones I'd chose to be rid of her.

Her lover wannabe got engaged to a woman who lived several hundred miles away and it put my wife in a blue funk.

I got sick and tired of this and after one of horrendous temper spells I got a lawyer and started divorce proceedings.

She begged and pleaded for me to come back to her but I told her I could stand her weird behaviour no longer.

About a week after our divorce was final she found herself another jewish man and after living with him for eighteen years they finally married.

They have no kids. He looks sick and he at one time in his life had a bad drug problem. He damaged his brain and has to take meds to keep a semblence of sanity.

I guess thats as good s she could do.

I personally never remarried.

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