He Used My Body As A Play Ground

I am 43 now and married, but at the time I was 18 and a freshman in college. I started dating this guy that was too old for me - 24- totally due to a sexual attraction. We had s** all of the time and I felt 100% sexually controlled by him - I couldn't stop, and didn't want to. I enjoyed being with him - even more than I do now with my husband. But, looking back, I can't believe the things I did with this guy, or let him to do me. Basically, he used my body as a playground, several times a week, and I loved it. Just writing this post now is making me wet (and feel a little guilty, because my husband is sitting in the next room).

I'd meet this guy several times a week and we'd basically get together and do it wherever we could - in my dorm room, in a hotel room, a lot of times in his car parked somewhere secluded. We'd always start by making out and I'd get sooo wet, sooo quick (and he knew it). When we were in my dorm or a hotel room, he'd really take his time with me and enjoy himself. He'd lay me out on the bed and kiss me deeply. I loved feeling his body weight on me. He'd press his hips hard into mine and I could feel his size and hardness through our clothes. His touch made me shiver!

He'd often undress first and be totally naked with me, always rock hard. His seamen could come out in huge quantities, even before he ever came. As he'd slowly take my blouse and skirt off I'd feel him dripping on me, soaking through my pantyhose. He'd mount me and continue to kiss me, dripping on my warm belly. He'd take my bra off and kiss and touch my chest, eventually pushing his hardness between my chest, leaving a massive amount of his seamen behind. He loved to go down on me (and I love it to!). Many times while going down on me he'd turn around, put himself in my mouth (69'ing me). He'd be so, so wet. I'd immediately get a mouthful if his warm, salty seamen to remind me how ready he was for me.

He'd put me on my belly, lift up my long hair, and kiss the back of my neck (driving me crazy!), all the while depositing a generous amount of seamen on my bottom - make a real mess sometimes. He stroke the length of his hardness up and down the length of my butt crack, making me wonder if he was going to enter me there (he never did).

He'd often place my hands on his hardness, moving them up and down the way he liked. By the time he was done both my palms would be fully lubricated with his wetness.

He liked to lie on his back and have me go down on him. Sometimes he'd purposely squeeze the base of his hardon while he was in my mouth just to make sure I got a mouthful of his seamen. He'd pull out and make sure more ooozzed onto my face. He'd take my long hair and use it to stroke himself with, leaving it a sticky mess.

This is what happened most of the time, foreplay resulted in me being covered head to toe in his seamen – my hands, stomach, bum, chest, mouth, face, and hair. He enjoyed that so much. When he was ready - not before - he'd enter me in a strong, powerful, deep way giving me satisfaction every time, multiple times.

Usually, after I had come several times, to the point of drying out down there, he'd push in so deep and I'd feel him fully release inside of me.

Christine M.

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  • Good on you! I hope it stays a good memory. I don't think and 18/24 year match is weird. Just look into the biology, and you might realise that was pretty much ideal (and still legal).

  • After 20yrs of marriage my husband still does this to me, like you I love him sucking his hard c*** in my mouth and semi s**** then pulls out and covers my t*** with the rest of his s**** but I'm a bad wife and have a lesbian lover

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