My brother

So I was in my room when suddenly there was a knock on the door. I opened it and it was my brother but he was just wearing underwear and no shirt so I was guessing he was at the beach. [ I was 19 then and he was 21 ]

I asked him where he'd been but he didn't listen and just stared at my chest [ I was wearing a crop top ]

I told him to stop staring but then he said "I'm hungry for p****."

Then I went to my room, trying to ignore what he'd said when he came to the door, nude, and told me

"Sandra, I'll do anything for you, just let me finger you and suck you."

So I agreed and he was so good at it! Then our parents arrived when he was putting his c*** inside me but we never noticed

Then they walked up on us and we were so embarrassed

We both got a month grounded : (

I rly wanna feel his c*** again and sometimes, when we are on the sofa or eating dinner, he'd clutch my chest and if our parents were gone for a few minutes, we'd both put our hands in my panties and finger my c***, trying not to moan.

Jan 11, 2021

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  • You got grounded at age 21? What a joke

  • It’s disgusting!

  • Why

  • Sibling s** is hot!

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