I have no luck with relationships

Twice married and Three girlfriends later I'm a single guy. My first wife was a lazy filthy pig and I sucked it up for 14yrs for the kids. I worked 40-60hrs a week just so I wouldn't get into another fight that she couldn't clean a f****** thing in the house including herself!

My second wife turned out to be a raging Gambler that cost us everything right down to losing our house and our credit!

My first GF was sexy as h*** and great in bed. The downside to that was the fact she was a b****! Nobody liked her because it was always someone else that was the problem and not her!

My next GF was sexy and very nice, at least she was nice until she didn't take her meds for being bipolar. That tid bit of information of her being bipolar didn't come in any of our conversations before she moved in with me!

My last GF was fun to be with in and out of bed. We liked a lot of the same things and our sense of humor was spot on with each others. It stopped being fun when I found out she was f****** & sucking Craigslist C*** when I was a work.

Nov 12, 2015

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  • I'm a woman and have the fine experience of dating a guy with NPD that made the Zodiak look compassionate!

    I can't even attempt to try and date due to the few extremely bad experiences I've had!

    If I ever do He would have to be a churchgoer, non-smoker, no drinking or drugs or gambling or sleeping around a lot - LOOKS like I'm going to be single for the rest of my life! I know your struggles; trust me we are probably better off alone!

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