Save your heart

Don't expect anything it might not happen .I don't know how to actbut trust me I wish only happiness for you,so don't be hurt if whatever expected is not delivered,believe then I failed ,I really try to overcome but there is something inside which chains me up and I can't initiate.Though I don't know to whom I am doing the favor but it's true I die a little every day and who knows I might myself calling a big blow to crucify my own heart denying.
There is something inside which I still have to figure out what???that makes me cold when I think to break the wall and I retreat with helpless tears.Certain faces,emotions in eyes,angelic smiles I picture and they make me numb I scare and take myself off .I can't think of my happiness I surrender and cocoon myself.
The world of peace and happiness await you ,I find myself nowhere near.
Distance my destiny,closeness will burn ...
With love only you always stay and will always remain in my heart .
Please understand if I ..........

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  • I don't expect anything. I'd never put that kind of pressure on you. I'm sorry if you've ever felt that.
    I want you to know that you've already given me some incredibly precious things.
    How could you even have initiated anything when I've been barricaded inside myself.
    I can't deny what I feel towards you though. You bring out such intricate feelings in me.Its taken me completely by surprise. I've been fighting it but I finally surrender. It's healthier for my heart to acknowledge what I'm feeling.
    From now on I'm quietly taking down my walls around you.
    I often fantasize about being naked in front of you without labels, expectations or definitions.
    To just see...
    Just know that I'm open to you if you ever want to reach out. I'll never force it though.
    I love you. I desire you. I want you to be happy whatever that means to you. You've got a supporter in me no matter what.

    Have a fun weekend! :D


  • Signed...M

  • Who are you? Will u plz let me know

  • Yes, sir. ;) Deal.

  • I dont know what i have given but all i can truly say that in my life i have never loved someone the way i have loved the unforgettable.
    Neither now i know where i stand nor do i know with whom I communicate at choose to retreat cos I have hampered my mental state much.If truly I can reveal what this ungettable passion has lead me to if truly one can understand.
    my wish my love will always remain I am no one to stop loving.I cant

  • Talking to you has made me privately awaken to certain things that have helped me beyond what I can explain here. I'm so grateful for that! I never expected this. It's hard to stop myself from reaching out and touching you when you're near. My mind, body, heart, etc crave you. No matter what my love for you is embedded inside me.

    * I answered because your content and use of words made perfect sense given a conversation I had just had with the man I secretly adore . As I read the words I could hear him saying them. It's easy to read into things though. :)

  • Sorry not hear... imagine. The person is Korean. :) Good luck to everyone. It is a nice fantasy. Easy to project.... ;)

  • Well it was a good fantasy for a while.

  • I have no expectations, not anymore. I'm no longer angry about all the time given, all the love I sent but never received. It seems that is my destiny.... to just simply give.

  • Please understand if I......what?

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