My so called girl friends

I never talk about the embarrassment of having my sweat pants and panties yanked off. I was 15 when my girl friends did that to me right in front of boys. As a teen, being seeing naked was one of things that terrified me the most. I had such a hang up with nudity, even showering with other girls embarrassed me. Well friends tend to hamper on your weaknesses and never thought my best girl friends would team up to put me through my worst nightmare. I remember my sweat pants and panties sliding off my legs, one of them asking boys if they wanted see my p**** and horrible feeling of boys rushing up to look at it. I know it was all a joke, but having a bunch of boys looking straight up my p**** almost made me melt away with shame. Well I never talked about it, because after a year they all stopped talking about it and I shore wasn't about to remind them after a full year of embarrassing gossip. The worst was having to laugh right along with them just to save some face, but the feeling knowing those boys saw my bare p**** still melt me away with shame.

Dec 31, 2015

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  • Kids are mean for sure. On the other hand - just about half the population have the same plumbing as you, it's natural, nothing to be ashamed about. And those boys will never forget you - they'll always have a good memory of you.

  • Kds can be cruel. When I was your age pretty much the same thing happened to me except the girl looking at me was not much over ten years if that much. I'm a boy by the way.

  • I feel really bad im sorry that happen to you

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