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Me and my ex best friend haven't been talking for about 5 months but this is normal because we always get into fights and don't speak for months on end sometimes even years. As we get older we decide to at least be cordial during this periods. This last fight that me and my ex best friend got into was over me being really tight with one of her exes. I had been really cool with this guy before I had even met my bestie. Its prob been about 10 years that we've been friends and Only friends. When we were all in our sophomore year of HS My bestie and this guy decided to date. It didn't last but 2 months. I stayed friends with the guy and have continued that friendship thru the years. When me and my bestie moved to LA for college she decided to rekindle that old flame with him. She had just gotten outta of a serious relationship and in my opinion was still hurting from it. To say the least the relationship only lasted a couple weeks because she went back to her last BF. He was heartbroken. I def. felt like she was in the wrong in this situation. I tried to get her to see what a wonderful guy she had and how great of a person he was compared to her d********* boyfriend but it became apparent that she was in love with the d********* and couldn't help how she felt. Now at the same time I realized how rare of a guy he was. How perfect he was and couldn't help but thinking to myself that I can only hope one day I'll find someone just as good as him. Its been about a year and half since then and me n my bestie stopped talking because she revealed that it always bothered her how close me and her ex were. She was very disrespectful when she told me this.. Me being a rebel i told her to s**** off. I talk to her ex and lets me know how she had told him a year ago that she wanted him to stop talking to me. He pretty much set her straight and told her that it would never happen. At this time I had moved back home for a couple of months and come to find out he's back in town as well. He bought an apartment right down the street from the house i was staying at. So me and him hung out a lot. When we hung out we would always have these deep conversations about Music. Me and him are both passionate about music. Sometimes it wasn't even about music it was about other things. We could talk to each other about everything. When he would talk about his family and whatever else he always blew me away. He was amazing to me. It was then I knew that i had more then friendship feelings for him. Everytime i would leave he would walk me out. I thought to myself does he feel the way i feel... NOoo i'm just being paranoid. I tried to ignore how I felt but it was just too hard. He had left his mark on me. I had to let him know how i was feeling. So the next morning I woke up and sent him a text saying how horrible i felt about having a crush on him. I get a text back from him telling me that he had been feeling the same way but didn't know how to tell me. He had been getting advice from his family on how to tell me. I was in shock. Long story short me and him are together. I feel a lil guilty about my ex friend. I feel like she deserves to know from me and not find out from someone else. I want to call in tell her or send her a email but I've been friends with her awhile and i still care about her. I know this is going to hurt her and really don't want to be the one to bring on that pain. Any suggestions?


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  • It went exactly like i thought it would. She disrespected me to no end called me a sloppy b**** and told me the only reason I'm with him is because i want to be just like her. lol Doesn't matter anymore. She was a crappy friend and in the end he meant more to me then her. #Truth

  • Thank you so much thats pretty solid advice. She's not the type of person thats reasonable she's actually over dramatic a lot of the time. So I'm expecting her to get real nasty about it but I've already made up my mind to not engage in a argument with her.

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