I want to quit my fraternity, but don't know how.

So, as the title says, I kind of want to quit my fraternity. The reasons behind all this started freshman year, a year and a half ago. When I first started college as a freshman, I had a keen interest in Greek Life. Both my parents were in one too. Growing up I've heard many stories detailing their fun nights and the lifelong friends they've made. This sparked my interest because Highschool was terrible for me. I was longing for that "brother-like" connection you can have with your fraternity members." I rushed only one frat fall semester, and visited a different one only once. The 2nd one I visited gave me a really bad vibe, so I left after 5 minutes. But unfortunately, the frat I rushed hard didnt give me a bid. I was crushed. My biological brother ended up getting a bid from that 2nd frat I visited, and he invitied me there. I ended up pledging this one, even after that bad vibe. I went through all the hazing the h*** week because I didnt know what else to do during my college career. I suck at making close connections with people and at the time, my frat was the only thing there for me. I contemplated dropping pledging every week, but I felt extremely guilty if I would have. Even during h*** week, I wanted to drop so bad, but I didnt. I thought that if I got initiated, I would be valued as an individual and loved for who I am.

So I stuck with it. I've been an active member for a year and 3 months. But after the first few months, it's gone downhill. I feel like I'm not liked at all. No one ever gives me time of day there. I don't want to go to their parties because I feel like I'm not wanted there. I joined this frat to be valued as an individual. Thats what my pledge marshall yelled into us on h*** night. He convinced me then. But not anymore.

Recently, I found an automotive enthusiast organization on campus with a diverse group of solid, all-around group of guys, and I've hung out with them more times this f****** semester than I have with my frat all last fall. Thats how much I hate my frat. I'll come home from class and sit in my room all day because none of my frat brothers bother to acknowledge my presence. On the weekends, I'm with my car group, and no one from my frat even bothers to care where I am. The only time they'll notice I'm gone is when they notice $2200 less in their f****** bank account. Oh wait, I forgot, my money is actually going to the mortgage that's $400,000 over valued and to the loan on the new roof, not to the budget. But I digress.

I'm more well liked in my car group with my ACTUAL friends that actually love the same things I do. Whereas my frat thinks that "hanging out" has to involve alcohol. I'm done. I'm going inactive at the end of this semester, moving out of this g****** shithole fraternity house and I'm spitting on the doorstep as I leave. F*** this place.

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  • Greek life isn't about friendship and brotherhood. It's about working together to achieve a set of objectives. If you just want to "hang out", then greek life is not for you. There is a reason most successful executives have greek affiliations.

  • Contact the fraternity's committee and let them know that you've decided to forgo your pledge but let your immediate sponsor know first.

  • Greek life isn't for everyone and it's too bad you hadn't had time to look at other frat houses. But regardless, the car group sounds like a place where you have more in common. Just curious, in the fraternity did you wait for others to contact you or did you make the effort to contact other members to do things with?
    One thing to note..you're an adult now. And there's one thing this article said in there, is to keep it classy. And that's sometimes hard to do. Even when you have a s***** job and want to give them a day notice. It's best to always be professional and not to burn bridges.

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