I wanna leave my fraternity

I have way to many days where I hate my fraternity. I feel like every day is a struggle. Some of the people are a******* but that's not what really bugs me. They mainly expect me to play everything by their rules. We are supposed to take these freshmen tests to learn about the frat and the greek system but honestly I don't care. Those were first semester and I did them anyways. So that semester ended and my grades weren't good so now I'm deficient and have to do more of them. I feel like I should say "enough is enough, I'm tired of this bullshit and I'm calling it quits" but I don't. Also in my frat if you move out unexpectedly they make you pay $4500. What the h*** should I do?

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  • I left my frat today. Not an easy thing to do. Proposition about the money, how are they actually going to get it from you? Is this a college rule or a frat rule? Are they going to rob you? Are they going to hack into your account and wire it illegally into the fraternity fund? No one can make you do what you don't want to. You are not required to pay them anything. It is your choice to leave, it is your choice to stay, it is your choice to pay the "fine." No one is making you do anything. The right thing to do is never easy.

  • You have to get out of there! Required gay s**? Everyone or just a few bullies? Really? Are there other guys fed up with the bull s*** too? Not all frats are like that. If you record some thing, you could have some leverage to report them with. But then if you do, do you still want to go to that school? Can you just sleep at some other buddies place? 4500, sounds crazy. Your deposit couldn't have been that much. Can you find another pledge to take your place?

  • Well, $4500 is less than taking another semester to make up for bad grades right? Ehh, it gets easier after you've been in there for a couple of years. Frats are only good for two things: parties and networking. If that frat doesn't have the kind of people that are going to become people you want to know later in life to help launch a business or further your career then forget it.

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