I hate my brother because he killed his wife

I have five brothers. My oldest brother was married and after years of abuse his wife divorced him. She was going to sue him for half the estate and child support.

She came back to the house and he shot her in the chest. She tried to run away but he shot her again. He put a third bullet into her as she lay on the ground.

He called the police and he waited for them while sitting on the porch. He was arrested, tried and convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole.

I told my remaining brothers that if any of them ever wrote to him or visited him I would disown them. My very aged parents can visit him but not my brothers.

I did visit him one last time after the verdict and I told him what a low down sorry ass excuse of a human being he was and to not waste ink and paper writing to me.

My wife and I are taking care of his son and my younger brother and his wife are taking care of his daughter. Both children witnessed the murder and they were in therapy.

This happened twenty years ago and he's still rotting in prison. I hope his butt is a yard in diameter and hes the b**** of a black gang.

Feb 7, 2016

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  • Forgive him please


  • Forgive your brother and move on with your life. Hating him is a waste of your positive energy. Remember the one who hates suffers more than the one hated. Also take some time to learn about race so that you don't make negative stereotypical remarks.

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