My friend's stepmother

I have masturbated to my friend's step-mom who is 32 and has a great body.

We are actually good friends as people as we have pretty similar senses of humour and get on well and sometimes when I'm at his house for a sleepover I get up at 7 just so I can have breakfast with her in her undies and singlet that she sleeps in.

Straight after I have had breakfast with her, I'll go straight to their shower and m********* to the image of her in her bedclothes, stripping them off of her and pounding her senseless.

My friend and I are extremely open with each other about stuff like masturbation and sexual preferences and who in the class we like and things like that and every time we talk about that sort of thing, I think about whether I should tell him and then decide against it.

He wouldn't understand.

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  • You must begin a relationship with this woman. You MUST.

  • F*** her

  • Pervert, get a real life.

  • Dont tel him.. u will ruin ur fun and ur friendship

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