Son"s friend Kissed Me

My son brought one of his (black) teammates home for spring break, when he got up the next morning, he came into the kitchen where I was washing dishes, put his arms around me from the back giving me a bear hug and kissed me on the neck. I sort of twisted around and uttered out "whaaat" and he kissed me on the lips and held me that way. I got instantly aroused. I broke away, and said something like, better stop that before you get into trouble. He laughed and said, "Trouble is my middle name", and got a cup of coffee and sat down at the table.
The next morning he did the same and this time I was the one holding on for a long time, He gave me a belly rub with his manhood and I almost fainted. I said lets stop this now and he moved away smiling. I don't know what to do. Wow, he is a gorgeous hulk, muscular, and strong,,,,love to have him in bed with me.
I am afraid my hormones will overtake my good judgment. My son is one that sleeps till noon so we have the opportunity.

Mar 18, 2016

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  • F me! Now what am I to do with this throbbing 7 and a half inch hunka burnin' love???

  • Now that is hot.

  • I love your story and the challenge you were faced with. I hope you made him happy as well as yourself.

  • I wish my son would bring me a guy like that. I would sow him how good I am in bed. LOL My husband does not appreciate what a hot wife he has.

  • If your son doesn't bring one you find one, life is short and overthinking about outcome make us weak. Just go for it.

  • You are so blessed honey, go for it while you can.

  • F*** him, and f*** him hard!

  • Pretty sure him being black has nothing to do with it

  • Why not go for it?? The experience would do you a world of good! Just be very discrete and make sure no one can catch you in the act! A similar instance happened to me when I was 46 and the young man was hired to do some handyman jobs. My was a one time deal , which was good and I loved the feeling of being attractive to young men. Don't miss this chance to have great s**!!

  • I hope he unloads inside you many times.

  • Your story has made me so damn hot and wet.

  • I'm a buff black guy, and I'd tear your p**** up!

  • Hummmmm I would love that, sugar. Wish you were here right now

  • Go for it

  • Speaking from experance too, been there and done that, made me feel young and wanted again. the feel of a young buck between my legs was breathtaking, it only happened a few times but i gave me a spring in my step for years

  • It happened to me to just about the same way you described it but he came up behind me as I was doing the nightly dishes as I was loading the dishwasher he grabbed hold of me pulling me tight against his manhood pressing it tight against my ass as he cupped my b****** with his hands and I almost thought it was my husband but he never done that before and as I stood up he turned me around and gave me one h*** of a kiss and without thinking I kissed him back. I opened my eyes and saw you it was and I started to say stop but his lips pressed tight against mine but I tried to push him away but he held me tight against him and feeling his now harder than ever c*** right against my puss made me weak in his arms as he continued to kiss me his toung searching out the depths of my mouth I began sucking on it slowly and deep. He started in rubbing his c*** right on my puss even beneath my panties and finally I said stop softly and just at that moment he pushed his c*** into me and started in f****** me with deeper and deeper strokes till he had me up on the counter pushing all of his man hood into me and I came on him and just at that moment he pulled me tight onto him as he filled my puss with his c** oh god did he ever and I held onto him and then Jerry my son hollered at him to hurry up for the game was about to start.
    He pulled from me and his c** followed running down the counter to the floor and then I saw him and I took hold of his c*** and told him again. as he kissed me dressed and walked into the den.
    My legs were rubber and I had a hard time standing as his c** still flowed from my puss down my legs all the way to my knees.
    Got myself straightened up and cleaned up and went into the den and he scooted over and I sat between my husband and him,but tighter against him.

  • Ron has came over five times now and done me again and he's taken me at his will. He's introduced me to a*** which I love and I was surprised that I could take all 8 1/2 inches of him in me there. I've never c** so hard as I do that way. He's even made me give him a BJ after he's f***** me and filled me with his c**. Friday he put a collar around my neck and asked if I knew what that meant and I didn't and he told me that belong to him and during the day when I am alone I was to wear it all the time and I said I was married and he said no matter and gave me a hard spanking on my bare butt. Then he told me to get undressed and I did and he proceeded to love me all over again for nearly a hour then he unhooked the leash and told me to give him head which I did. After another half hour or so he filled my mouth with his c** and told me to swallow and I did. I looked at the clock and said I got to get dressed before hub comes home and he said ok as he gave me a hundred kisses, his hands all over me totally arousing me all over again then he said Monday you better have your collar on when I stop by. I said yes sir I will and I am looking forward to Monday for I do love his c*** and I never have had a guy f*** me as much or as long as Ron does and for almost three weeks now my husband hasn't.

  • I hope he gets you pregnant

  • Darn lucky woman. I am a wife and never had a chance like that.

  • Women should plan ahead about how they would react if this situation came up. It happened to me once and caught me off guard, making me lose the chance to have a great experience! I have given it a lot of thought and now know what my reaction would be. Now if only some good looking young guy would hit on me again!

  • Do it hun, you'll love it. I'm speaking from experience.

  • Let him knock u up with a muscular bi-racial son.Enjoy

  • Have fun. Poke his thing deep inside your pink!

  • I would be on that like a duck on a June bug, take him honey.

  • Go for it baby

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