Tricked by a young bbc

During the holiday period just gone xmas 2015, school holidays, xmas parties etc. Since like the start of December my friend and I have been partying it up almost like everyday as you do in the spirit of the holidays. One friday she called me that she's found a party for us that night and it was a gang party that has been advert on fb. We got there at around 8pm and the party was already packed and going off. One particular guy caught my eye he was always staring at me and all i could see was his eye b**** as he was probably the blackest guy there. His eyes will always follow me wherever i go. The night went on and I've had a few drinks in me, i was a lil tipsy, he walked up to me and asked me how i was and if i wanted to dance. I agreed as i was in the mood. He was skinny built but tall about 5'7 or something, we started chatting while we danced, i asked how old he was he said 20 he asked me the same i said 27. In my mind he was fine and plus he was at this party drinking. We danced and then he turned me around and i grind up against him i could feel he has something excited within his pants and of some decent size too, i turned around again facing him and he just launch his lips towards mines and before you know i was sucking on his thick lips. When we stopped i asked him if he wanted to go back to my place, he said ok. I told my friend i was leaving and she was cool. We caught a cab back to my place which was only 5 mins from the party. We wasted no time soon as i could get my apartment doors opened we were already sucking the h*** of each others lips. We undress each other and i could feel his member sprung up, his muskyness from his c*** drove me crazy, i was sucking like mad. He lay me down slowly and i guided his big c*** towards my entrance. He f***** me so good and towards the end where he was about to climax and i was nearing too, he whispered in my ear, how's it feel to be owned by a 15yo b****. In my head i was like OMG WTF is he for real? But we were nearing climax and all i could get out was f*** me boy, he came so hard inside me and i climaxed too, we just colapsed on my bed and we didn't talk for a while. I didn't know what to do. He did me three more times that night.

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  • I'm 40 and let my son's black friend who is 16 have me as much as I can

  • Im 32 fit and f*** my 16 year old neighbor all the time

  • I'm19F good looking and have a knock out figure and I was at a teen club last night and I started in being watched by this one black guy and he came up and asked if I wanted to dance and I said ok and he took my hand and led me to the dance floor and spun me around then right at that moment the music went from fast to slow and he pulled me tight against him he having his arms around my back holding me tight and we began swaying to the music and he started getting hard god he got big and he was pressing it right on my puss and I started in pressing myself back against him and I came and he pulled me tighter and he kissed me right on my lips and I was in the mood and I kissed him back and the next thing I know we are walking out the back door and he's raising my skirt up and he has his c*** between my legs getting me wetter by the minute then he slipped my panties from me and layed me against some guys hood and he began f****** me really good with long deep strokes till he came and god he went wild f****** me hard shooting his black s**** into my white puss and I'm not on the pill and he kept pumping his s**** into me then he turned me over took hold of my hips and pushed his hard c*** into my ass only pausing enough for me to relax a bit and then he f***** my ass like a wild man ramming most of himself into me pushing me further up on the hood and then he rammed himself deep pulled my hips back against him and filled my ass with his cu m and he still kept f****** me till he went soft and fell out of my ass.
    Then he asked if I knew how old he was and I said about 19 and he laughed I'm 15 he said and he asked if I would like to get together again and I said I come here a lot on Saturday nights

  • Damn.... You dirty girl. How was that young c***?

  • It was damn good and he's been f****** me about every three days since. Getting better all the time to

  • Can u write another story about you two

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