I have been shoplifting for about a year or so. Nothing real big. Nothing over like $50. And honestly I don't even know why I started doing it. I never did it in the past. And I know it is wrong but I would continue to do it. Well I just had the biggest scare today. I was at a store and stupidly decided to take a few items I'd say the grand total was under $20. As I was walking out I was stopped by store security and was told to go with him. I said I had to go to the bathroom. So I went and dumped the merchandise then I went out a back exit and left. I am still so shaken up and totally scared that the police will be at my door tonight. Even though technically I did not leave the store with the items. And of course on the way home I was saying how I will never steal again. I know I can never go back to that store. But Now I am so afraid of being arrested after the fact. Embarrassing I know. And I feel very ashamed. Because I am definitely old enough to know better.

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  • I've stolen before and the lady saw me put the things in my purse. She was on the intercom saying : "Please check security cameras." Scared the s*** out of me, I put down the item and ran out of the store and luckily my husbands dad was outside already waiting for me and my husband to get out. But I havent stolen since.. Its scary

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