Friends Wife while on holidays.

My wife and I went on a week long holiday with a good friend and his wife. We are all close and do discuss and joke around about each other's s** lives but there has never been any swapping or swinging. None of us have had any experience with that sort of thing.
On the third night of out trip I awoke to noise in the place we where staying. Our rooms had doors that faced each other and because of the heat in our room our door was open. My friend and his wife had there only slightly ajar but I could see my friends wife sitting up naked and riding my friend. I just laid there watching and after a few minutes she turned and noticed me watching. She leaned over and whispered to my friend and he turned sideways on the bed and now she was facing me. She continues to ride him and stare at me as she rode. At this Piont I was a s hard as a rock and began to stroke my c*** under the covers. I then pulled the blankets away and continues to stroke while she rode. We didn't break eye contact once.
I noticed after a couple minutes that my friend was c****** in his wife and she slowed and stopped. She then put up her hands to show me ten? Wasn't sure what she was telling me but I stopped what I was doing as they shifted back to their heads back to there original position.
I just laid there watching them, him with his back to me and her on the other side hidden mostly behind him. Then all of a sudden her hand raised up and showed me 5. I think I understood. I waited a couple minutes and snuck out of my bed and made my way outside. It was a small place and the bathroom was in the next building.
I was standing there in my underwear with a h****** wondering if I had read things right. About a minute later she came outside totally naked and istantly had he hand on my crotch. We stood there like town school kids making out and groping each other when she turned her ass to me and bent over leaning on a railing. I didn't hesitate and f***** her standing there for about ten minutes before I couldn't help myself and came inside her p****. She loved it and had c** at least twice while we where f******. We whispered a few words and both snuck back to bed. Two days later my wife got a call and had to return home for the day and my friend needed to get his back checked out after a spill the previous day. The both insisted my friends wife and continue the holiday without them for the day, they would leave early morning and return early evening and didn't see the piont of us leaving also.
That day was a very good day but that's another story.

Apr 4, 2016

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  • I have been tacking my friends d*** for awhile and i enjoy it so have fun with ur girl

  • Please tell us the other story

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