The Text Message, The Mistake and The Burden

Okay, so I'm currently 14 y/o as I'm writing this. Soon to be 15. When I was in 8th grade, the girls in our class noticed our another female classmate, let's name her L.E. They (WE) noticed that her tum grew bigger. She's always absent, everyday and she seldom go to school. So we suspected she's PREGNANT. And I'm the kind of girl who's happy-go-lucky and I'm always hyper. I do crazy funny things sometimes. When my cousin went over our house (She's my classmate), we gossiped about L.E. that she seems really pregnant. I asked her if she has a number of L.E. and she said yes. My mind started processing evil thoughts. I know a site where you can send messages for free, by just entering the number of the receiver and the message. You don't even have to enter your own number or whatsoever. You just hit send and all's done. I entered her number. And we're both happy and hyper at that time. I was laughing while I entered something like, "You're so good in bed. How's the baby, is it kicking already hun?" and sent it.

Days later. The school was talking about her, rumors spread that someone sent her a message and that her aunt had read it and cried after seeing it. L.E. was in bigger trouble. They know someone sent it. And everyone in our classroom was talking about it, and about who may have sent it. I felt nervous. My cousin and I felt nervous. What if they track the site? What if they track the I.P. address? But then luckily, they didn't. L.E. confirmed that she's infact not pregnant. (But we're still suspicious because she may have aborted it, and she's the kind if girl who always walk on the street and hang out with flirty friends) L.E. even suspected their neighbor because she said when she dialed the number her neighbor's number rings. And that her neighbor hates her, BTW the neighbor she was referring to is already a middle-aged woman with kids. LMAO.

The topic was forgotten. The secret was still underneath my mind. Our minds. And we never know if she was pregnant or maybe she just aborted it, but I don't wanna judge again. Now, in grade 9, she's still a girl who barely goes to school and her uncle confirmed that she's tardy to go to school because she has a LESBIAN boyfriend. LMAO. Now she won't get pregnant. But whatever. I really want to share the secret. Until know, the secret is safe with both me and my cousin. No one else knows.

SEND BAD COMMENTS. I DON'T CARE. I'M JUST 13 at that TIME. AND IF YOU'LL JUDGE ME, TELL ME. HOW GOOD ARE YOU? :) Okay. Feel free to share your comments, I admit that I was wrong. my mistake. I'm sorry.

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  • Dear Teen,
    That you admit that you were wrong is good. Maybe though if the chance presents itself, you could send her a message or apology for your bad judgement at the time? Be well now.

  • I can't. She'll know it's me. I think it's best if I tell her many years later. I still can't. I'm really sorry about it, but it's best if I don't tell her now.

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