W.T.F is wrong with me!

Married and 36, i found myself l****** over my step daughter, It became so bad, I started smelling her dirty underwear, and it escalted from there, she began flirting with me, when she caught me gkaring at her, at every opportunity i got.
One day in mid july last year, we had a family party, and i got a bit too drunk, my step daughter; (ill call her Sara) stayed up with me, I was so overly aroused by her, I blurted out, how I felt, She giggled a little, and out of the blue, kissed me full on the lips. As my wife was clearing away, I was shocked at this, and pulled away, (incase we was caught) any way, as time went on, my wife, went to bed, as did Sara, I coukdnt stop thinking about the kiss, and was extremley turned on, so began to m********* in the garden, as I was about to c**, Sara appeared from knowhere, and grabbed at my c***, knelt in front of me and took my c** in her mouth...I cried as she walked away...
This is the problem, not only is Sara my step daughter, but she is also, just turned 11 years old! Im soooo confused over it all, im sucidal! Help...

Apr 17, 2016

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  • Run just run as fast as you can

  • What a load of bollocks. If it's true, you're going to get f***** hard in prison.

  • Stay clear from her

  • Don't do anything with her anymore!! If her mom finds out or if she decides to tell anyone you could get in trouble. Just try and stay clear from her from now on

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