I'm obsessed with a boy who isn't my boyfriend

I feel like I'm going crazy.

About two years ago I met this guy when I was in a pretty s***** place. We were seeing each other for no longer than two months and in my vulnerable state I knew I was falling for him, but he just wasn't as interested. Things fizzled out because I could tell he didn't like me as much (he had just gotten out of a long term relationship) but my feelings never went away.

Since then I met my boyfriend of a year and a half who I genuinely love, however those feelings towards that other guy always lingered. As time went on I thought about him less and less and I thought I was finally over him, however in the last few weeks and particularly the last few days I feel like I'm borderline obsessed with him.

I deleted him on Facebook a long time ago but I had such an overwhelming desire to see photos of him and recent posts, I even downloaded a chrome attachment to 'see' his private photos. I would love to bump into him on a night out and just see him to get some kind of closure so much so that I want to turn up at a show or something that I know he'd be attending.

It's embarrassing that after two years I still think about this guy and he still has such a hold on me, even when I'm in a long term relationship with someone I couldn't live without.

I feel like I've lost my mind, why do I care so much about him? Why do I still want him when I know that my current boyfriend is perfect for me?

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  • You can love people in different ways and for different reasons. One you might love for one thing and the other for another. It's normal.

  • I knew it

  • You're having those feelings because you love him. I say pursue it and see what happens.

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