I feel lost & sad ....

I am really self insecure, every time I have to go outside or anything I look at myself in the mirror and say do i look pretty? Am I this, am I that ? Etc. I also hate walking and being by myself out in the public I barely go outside because im too self insecure. I don't know why I am like this. Every time I go somewhere I try to impress somebody with my looks or my hair, but it seems like nobody gets impressed. I'm always having all these negatives thoughts in my head, every single time I go anywhere I see people starring at my v***** and putting their shirts down, I'm not crazy ... I know what I'm feeling, I know people are always going to judge me because of how my body looks and because of my hair and because of who I am. I confess theirs this emptiness in me that's telling me everyday you're not worth it even if you try to look you're best, something is going to make you look you hideous. I am tired of this I want to stop thinking like this and get all these negative opinions out of my head ... Am i going to live the rest of my life alone , lost , scared .. Insecure ? Etc. ?

Apr 21, 2012

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  • Don't worry about it. Just look in the mirror & admit you're a looser.
    No problem!

  • fake f***** cuntface w****.

  • hey i'm from Florida 19 feeling ugly but acting lovely (i'm a guy) I would love to walk with you (if your old enough) because i'm tired of being alone and i need someone to talk to (bored)[shh ty's talking] seriously left brain you need to focus on not giving my name to people... anyway please let me help

  • Great, welcome to my life. How old are you by the way? Im 18 by the way.

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