I want to throw my step dad into a pit of fire

So this little b**** known as my step dad waltzes his happy ass into my mom's life and from the get go starts controlling everything. he has blocked every single website known to mankind from our internet, has taken away my phone for 5 months (i get it back in 2 weeks, thank god) and doesn't let me hang out with ANYONE. I'm a good kid, so he has no logical reasoning for doing anything, and i want to hurt him

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  • F*** that fool up

  • So you're angry. Got it. How long has this guy been in your life? And have you spoken to your mom about how he disciplines you and why not her? Where's your father. A couple of things, you may not want to hear but it's something to think about. You aren't an adult and there are some sites that aren't appropriate for you to be looking at. So you may think that's unfair, but that's life. And if you are living under their roof, they're are rules you must follow. And your phone.. Why was your phone taken away? There has to be a reason. What did you do to lose the privilege of having one? An iphone is an expensive piece of technology..do you have $600 lying around? If you do.. then go and buy one, and pay the monthly fee to keep it going and then he won't be able to take it away from you. Why are you unable to hang out with your friends? What are you doing when you "hang out"? Who are your friends?.. Okay.. so maybe you can sit down with him and talk to him. Maybe invite your friends over so that he can meet them. Look, there are some evil parents and step parents out there who find no greater joy then to abuse children. But this guy just sounds like he cares. Maybe your life was a little lax prior to him coming on board. Again talk to your mom, dad and step dad about how to make things work for everyone. This doesn't have to be a terrible relationship for you two. The truth about life, there are going to be rules you'll have to follow. When you are not living under their house you will have other rules. Sorry, there are rules EVERYWHERE. Some are strict and some are lax. Believe it or not, you will have rules to follow even when you are in your own apartment/house, driving your own car and going to your own job. Throwing your step dad into a firepit will just cut your life and his short. You'll be in prison and really that is most likely not fun. Show him what a good kid you are and talk to your mom.

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