Internet love?

I have known this guy for about 3 years now, and I have only ever spoken to him online and never met him in real life. But I feel I have known him for years, and we have a real connection. We know more or less everything about each other and we both have a similar sense of humour. The thing is, most of our conversations consist of sarcastic and witty banter and when it comes to love we always joke about it. But I seriously love him. I have tried being with other people, but it never lasts because I just want to be with him. But I am worried that he doesn't like me or doesn't want to be with me, due to him having "commitment issues". I try picturing myself in the future with someone else but it never feels right, only he does. I'm scared that we will meet in real life and he will go off me, despite us having video conversations, and the funny thing is I'm comfortable with having a long distance relationship and never meeting him. I am an amazingly big recluse, so maybe that's why.

May 24, 2011

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  • OH, he's a big recluse too. Probably a whole bunch of skeletons in that closet. He may be married. Registered s** offender. Total perv. You don't know this guy so reserve your love until you really do. Invite him to visit you. No excuses, he must begin making plans. You'll figure out quickly enough what's lurking inside this guy.

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