Can't fit in anywhere, I might have Autism

TLDR at bottom
(19 year old black guy) I feel that i can't fit in with a group of people. i think white people r annoying af but their girls are so gorges. i live with my dad in an all black town but I spend some time with my mom and her boyfriend in their all white town. The white people walk on egg shells around me and treat me like I live in a tent because of s*** that happens to other black people and act like i live in Yemen. They don't realse that black people talk tons of trash about white people when they're not around, like tons.

I might have Asberger's (Autism) but no one knows what that is where I live.

I told one of my friend i thought that a dirty blond girl that lives near my mom is so hot but he made fun of me even though he likes them too. idgaf about school and don't give af about any sports, I want to work at a hotel restaurant and climb the latter from there. They say i can't have a white girl bc they're a "symbol of sucsess" to black people and I'll always be a waiter that is s*** at sports (I'm good at violin, read "it" in 2 months, and completed the French Duolingo though)

if u ever played gta 5 and know the charecter franklin i'm like him but white people annoy me too. "black culture" anoys me, white girls are hot but white people are weird, i can't relate to mexicans and asians are scared of me. I'm quit and reserved but if we're cool. I like French speaking people but I don't know any French speaking people besides this kid from Texas on Playstation.

Maybe if I become an executive at Hilton or something I could "get" a white girl. I want a simple life based on honest work and not f****** people over for my benifit.

TLTR: I'm black but black people are annoying. I love white girls but I'll be a waiter "forever" so I can't have a white girl because they're a "symbol of succsess" and I'm destan to always be poor because I can't throw a ball into a circle. White people petty me, but black people are super open about their racism. I Can't connect with Asians. I can't fit in anywhere because american cultures are annoying. I like French people, but I've never met a french person irl.

Jun 16, 2020

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  • Sweetheart, you sound like an amazing young man. I’m a 48 year old white woman.

    I squeeze into 38 D cups and measurements are 40 - 30 - 42. I’m 5 foot nine with long dark brown hair down to my mid back. I also have a nice full bush.

    I would love to be your first and teach you how to please a woman

  • You are a 56 year old male plumber from Trenton,,but thats okay because OP probably is too

  • You may well have autism, but trust me when I say that the reason you can't fit in has less to do with your poor social skills, and more to do with your weird racial prejudices

  • Maybe focus more on your social deficiencies and less on piling on dog-whistle race-based words. That is, assuming you're not just a $hitposting troll with a low IQ.

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