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I hate myself....as I sit here I feel like a f****** loser....I play music I'm not the best at it I have a skill in IT in capital Markets I don't work in I wake up at noon while my parents slog I feel like a piece of s***....I hate this feeling....I went through a bad break up and for the first time in a long time I broke a person...I walked away I feel like s*** all the time thinking of the pain I caused someone...I'm done with that for greater reasons but doesn't matter still feel this way. I used to be a shining sun now i'm fading.....

May 16, 2016

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  • You're not a loser. You just have a lot of stuff going on and it's keeping you down. It couldn't hurt for you to talk to a therapist to help you move through your depression. But other things can help you as well. Regardless of if you work or not right now, start a new routine. Being at home can be isolating, even if you work from home. Make it a habit and go to bed around 10/11 and wake up around 7/8. Go and exercise and eat a good breakfast. Shower and get dressed. It's too easy to sit in your sweats all day if you don't. This will help to set the pace of your day. Help around the house. Clean dishes, vacuum. You're probably not paying rent, your parents would most likely appreciate it and it will give you something to do. Doesn't have to be all day..just a couple of things. Pitch in. Update your resume and look on job boards and send some out. Reserve some time and practice your music. Your heart and her heart will heal with time. Sometimes relationships need to come to an end so that both parties can learn and grow. Even if you have no money, contact and reach out to your friends. Let them know you are looking for work and when you're ready ..ready to date again. And just meet up with them. It doesn't feel like it now, but it will all work out. At some point, you do need to take what's happening in your life and do a little bit each day to move yourself forward.

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