Rehab romance

I recently left a 60 day rehab for opiate addiction. There were many clients there who had this same addiction and many of us became very close during the time we were together. However you weren't allowed to talk to the opposite s** unless in group or supervised. Otherwise it was considered 'relationship building' and it would grant you a behavior contract. Of course as adults we all broke this rule many times (some more than others). It was a program where AA/NA was forced down your throat as the only possible way to stay clean and live your life. And this isn't the problem I'm having, I just don't agree with that and so did about 2 of the 35 other people. Exceptions to the rule. One man in particular, a soldier, agreed with me and was blatantly tired of the program near the end for its real lack of actual rehabilitation. Part of your last couple weeks is presenting a plan to past clients and of course they are all in aa or na and I refused to comply and stated I would be doing smart recovery which is more psychologically based. The past clients berated me for 35 mins about how I was going to fail. When they finally gave up and everyone clapped he gave me a thumbs up and said that was great. He hadn't had the nerve to do what I had, no one did. After that I really started to notice him more. Unfortunately a friend got kicked out the next day and all h*** broke lose. People saw that I wasn't as calm and quiet as I had always been. I stuck up for her the entire last two weeks I was there. Rebelling in any way I could. He noticed this. The day he left he got a note to me that said he really admired my loyalty to my friends and that that is something that should be on their character traits wall as well. And to get in touch with him when I got home to hit up a meeting and such. There were also some flirtatious bits as well.
When I got home I did get in touch with him and I do want so badly to just go and hook up with him. Have consenting s** as two adults who know that that's all it is. But he has two kids and a wife. I don't want to be 'the other woman' but he's so unhappy in his life and I just can't seem to shake the idea of going.
If I do this is it something that will change me forever?

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