I'm so angry. My sister assaulted me after years of abuse. But that doesn't matter. My parents and even my boyfriend still fret and fawn over her because it doesn't matter that she beat me half to death, destroyed over $2000 of my property, and emotionally tore me to shreds, because she's "mentally ill" and she's suicidal. Bullshit! I hope that b**** does kill herself. At least that would be some justice and peace of mind. I cant even cry or be upset without everyone trying to shut me up but she gets to wail everywhere, cause trouble and leave a trail of shaved hair and hair dye everywhere she goes? She hides behind her " mental illness"" while I have to just live with my shattered life and get over it? Bullshit! She beat me! So why the h*** am I the f****** bad guy and she's the delicate little mental flower? Stupid Stupid Stupid!

Jun 2, 2016

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  • Same thing.let my sister live free. 8 route canals, broken.nose,.concussion and over a year of wprk . My parents hired her a lwayer.rather than pay me back for damages it is 8 grand just to nose no option but to sue n the whole family wont talk to me bc of them.when.i didnt even.fight back it sucks

  • I have exactly the same thing, so similar to yours. My sister uses illegal drugs and has spent the time sectioned. Lived with me for 6 months, stole from me broke my property physically assaulted me mentally broke me down. However I am the bad guy because I said I can't forgive her! Am I suppose to put up with this s****..?

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