Help nasty parents

My parents are divorced and they've been for 4 years. My mom moved to Texas for her job but was let go. She came back in the beginning of April. I was really happy, but soon realized my mistake. My mom bought an apartment but it took her stuff a whole month to move up to Alaska. So, my dad was nice enough to let her stay with us. Bad idea. My bedroom is right under my dad's and I can hear everything. One night I went to bed really tired only to be woken up by my parents doing it above me sounding like gorillas. Stayed up the rest of the night.

(Also found out they f***** on the couch one night. Disgusting and totally not cool. I sit on that thing)

Now this went on for two weeks before her stuff came. Luckily they quieted down and decided to do it while I was at school. Nasty people. After she moved out I was really relieved because it meant they couldn't do it anymore, my second mistake. In my mom's apartment she has two bedrooms. There is three of us, her, me, and my younger brother. My younger brother has his own room and I share the other with my mom. She has a king size bed so we share the bed. No big deal, it's big enough to fit both of us.

This weekend my dad sent us off to our grandparent's. Now I'm not stupid. When I saw my mom get dressed up and saw my dad in nice clothes too I knew something was up. But I put it to the back of mind. When I came back today I was curious. My dad doesn't have a lock on his phone. Easy access. I went into his photos found many many selfies of him and my mom being dirty. Not surprising. But one photo caught my eye. A photo of them doing it on the bed my mom and I share. Great. :) and you know what makes it better?? They didn't wash the sheets. (Internally crying) what the f*** am I gonna do? I don't want to touch it. Those nasty ass people. Gross. Ugh kill me now.

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  • Seriously sweetie get over it. Everybody f**** and has s**. It's normal. What are you 12?

  • Right, so nasty, never do s**, its so nasty, gee you need to be kept in a sanitary room with all kinds of disinfectants.

  • Colonel Potter would say, "You going anywhere with this or are you just grazing??" Now me, I'm waiting for the punchline if you're trying to tell a joke. i.e. It is not clear what you are confessing to unless it's complaining & being a pain. What you posted is just a log of normal activities. Clearly there is no point to this or conclusion to draw. Perhaps you feel a divorced Man & woman aren't entitled to enjoy sexual relations?? You need to pull yourself together girl. Further, leave your father's phone alone. You need discipline major.

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