Very bad dream

It's been a while since I haven't remembered a dream. Now, I prefere forget my last one !

I don't remember the begining very well, I was like a school (?) and talking with a black friend of mine, V. Then, one of my best friends, L, came and we were magically in a store...some kind of s**/kids' store. Akward.I bought handcuffs, ropes, d***** and condom. More akward. Then, we go away and L come with me at my place. I tell her to sit in front of the stairs' bars. Right after, I handcuff her on these and she kind of panics. I became more and more evil : I whiped her, put stuff in her mouth, touched her eve-ry-whe-re...And we had BDSM s** with her. I was litteraly raping her and enjoying it. Well...this "rapist" me was enjoying it, even if I was just dreaming, my body didn't liked that dream (I wet my pants when I woke up).

I don't if that dream means's not like I'm in love with her or whatever ! Okay, I'm bi and a teen, but's pretty embarassing.

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  • Dreams are weird. I dreamed last night that I was a member of a group of survivalists who wiped out a group of Muslims. In my real waking life I wouldn't hurt much less kill anybody.

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