Don't pay attention, I came through just vent.

Many times when we are so frustrated that we don't want to stand any longer, our brains, if nothing else to think about, will be relieved if we are crazy, walking next to our footsteps, we probably won't have to think about it, brain pain almost every night Kill me, I want to wake up and forget everything, my mind will bring me back, comfort me, embrace myself and say, let me cry in the most pain and suffering. Shower must look good, beautiful, rich, strong every time. I myself care more about others than myself. (You have to love yourself before you love others) Try to have a good life someday things will get better. But every time there will be an unfavorable end and it will have to come back and start from a place I did not know and know. But what it got was to start with myself, battery life dropped several times, today is another tiring day ... something nobody knows as well as me. Or am I really bad? I want to make myself the worst. But i can't do that Because i have a daughter Others viewed me as bad, angered, assaulted, rant, senseless, only asked, why would a quiet person like me turn into a demon? People with voices are not eligible. Do more than keep the deep feelings that cannot be expressed, one day I am a devil, one day I am a devil. Judge that I am a perpetual devil in a relationship, ask for one thing, don't lie to me, that's where good demons begin. Keep doing good, doing your best at all times with someone: morale, life is light, wanting to improve, need advice, when you make a mistake, make a mistake, don't walk away, you will flirt. How many people will I be able to accept in every situation except the lie and the lie where the lie is so bad? When I respond to the lies that I receive, what I have done, I become a villain. It's a life lesson, a lesson I never remember. Used to stand up for myself, used to do good to many people, tried to stay healthy one day But sometimes things hit my mind. Every time I play tap my head, my head explodes. So many people say I'm honest. Why? I'm doing well, do you think I'm fine? How is it good? These days, they are thinning because of their own thoughts. Many people say that the thoughts in the head and the heart really kill the dead? I don't blame other people, everything is me ,, Let it be extremely bad, life with nothing to lose, hurt, love, lie, deceive, endure, torture, miss, get dumped, cursed, insulted. A word from someone who loves you, get in hit me. I'm ready to cope ..Weaks Strong. Positive keep.

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