Totally Not Worth It

I really don't remember any time in all my years that I thought life was worth it, in the end. There is some good, obviously, but most of life is on the less than awesome side.

I think the bad by far outweighs the good, if we're talking averages of both. You might have an awesome day, or maybe the first weeks or months in a new relationship will make life seem more good than bad ... but, that never lasts, and on average people can be murdered, raped, abused, and neglected. Can be, and are, all of the above, every day. Suffering is not an exception, it is the basic reality of being alive, and aware enough to consider being alive.

I really think this is the great trick of society... like, all societies, going back to the pre-historic humans who barely lived long enough to reproduce, and who had no illusions being sold through books or movies or fantasies.

But, if you end up having kids, you're obligated to pretend to them and or them that life is wonderful. At the same time, as you grow from child to adult, you are obligated to pretend *for* your parents that you really think life is or can be wonderful. You don't want to be an ungrateful snot of a kid to someone who has made your happiness their highest priority, someone who loves you completely and would do anything for you. It works in both directions. If you brought this helpless infant into existence, the least you can do is try to make their existence more good than bad.

But, you can't, really. Religion, philosophy, science and art, all have had thousands of years to come up with some understanding of the universe that makes the unavoidable pain of existence seem worthwhile.

It's a lie, though. That's the big secret. We all pretend it's worth it, when we all know it is not really.

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  • Does anybody think AND act this way before they reproduct?

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