My first time

I want to share this.

i am already 25 years old when i had my first s**, with my first boyfriend. everything about hm is my first, first romance, first date, first kiss and first s**.

i really didnt enjoy the idea of being around my love interest before, i am shy and insecure. im just a lady with a thick eyeglasses and braces (until 25 years old) well, everyone looks up to me as one of the smartest person in the class, thus, i feel, no one has iterest to date me, until i reach my age now. i met him when i started working, and gosh, he caught my attention. to make the long story short, we finally confess that we love each other, and i, on the other hand was really touch on what i heard, even i got this old-fashion style, he still sees me as the most beautiful lady in his eyes. we dated and had fun.

2 months later, he stays in our house for three days, during those days we had our first s**. he sneaks into my room and ay down beside me, i was shocked, coz my mom was just in another room, he hugged me tightly and kissed me hardly ( unlike he's sweet and smooth kisses) and then i feel this tingling feeling, i was h**** that time. so i grab his hair and pulled him above my chest and exclaiming "f*** me, please" he smiled in a mischievous way. and then he started kissng my neck down to my b****, and suck my nipples. i was moaning so loud. omg, the feeling is so intense. he put my clothes off and started to put his finger onto my c******* and shake it, i remember my reaction, my body is shaking in heat, warm feeling, hmmm, and then after sucking my breast, he sucked my p**** so hard, put his tounge inside my v***** and sucking it, i curled my legs onto his body, while grabbing his hair and when he stops, he told me that my reacion was soo sexy, he just cant resist, so he put his shorts off and started showing off his d***.

i ws so amaze on what i saw, damn, its really huge and i cant even imagine if it can fit inside me. then he pulled my face kissing me and requesting to do a b******, and after that, he inserted his long-big d*** insde my p**** and start mving my hips with him. we do a lot of position.

then after an hour of a tiring activity, he cuddles me and told me that he enjoys doing it with me, he didnt expected that a lady who he thinks is an innocent can also ride on a wild s**. and now we enjoy our sexual-romance life together

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  • Did your mom got suspicious with all the noises you made during the f*****g session?

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