I will not be happy with myself until I weigh ninety pounds. My eating disorder rules me life, and for once I don't care or want to get better.

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  • easier said than done

  • heyyy, first off, 90 isnt thatttttttt bad.
    im 90 lbs, 5'7" and a half. & very healthy at that weight
    ( believe me i eat like a 300lb 6' man)
    Now, to the Poster.
    stop being a f****** idiot and start eating!
    (easier said than done)

    seriously, i bet you were pretty too, before you started pulling all this s***,

    you wanna know whats going to happen to you if you dont stop?!
    yellow skin,
    hair growing alll over your body, like peach fuzz,
    cellophane looking skin stretched on meatless bones.
    ohh, and DEATH.
    you're not gonna care so much about how much you weigh once this takes over (& it will) and finally kills you.

    yummmmmyyy, thats a delicious picture isn't it.

    Now gett your skinny ass to the phone and get some help before you turn into some halloween monster walkiong-dead corpse like person.

    Believe it or not, you are MENTALLY ILL. It's a mental as well as physical condition. You NEED help.

    I may also point out to you that anorexia is often used as a manifestation of a deeper problem, so get counseling, figure out whats bothering you, & then go to Mcdonalds and get a SUPERSIZE MEAL!

    Good luck. You can beat this, it shouldnt take over your life.
    love you.

  • You are not a dumbass, and you are not gross or selfish. I understand completely where you're coming from, because for a long time I was obsessed with losing weight, although I was never that fat at all. I hope that one day you will see that you are beautiful, inside and out, and that you don't need to be thin to have self-worth. I don't know you, and I doubt I ever will, but I worry about you, because no one deserves to have a disorder like anorexia rule their life. So I feel I must repeat myself, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! If you haven't come to realize this yet, I beg you, please talk to a professional counselor and get help. Good luck.

  • lol you f****** dumbass

  • Wow, do you know how horrible 90 pds looks on someone your frame. You must eat, it is selfish of you not to!

  • I am five foot, three and a half inches tall. -OP

  • 90 lbs? I hop eyou are about 4'-8"

  • Eating disorders are funny little things. See, once you do get down to 90, you will want to loose 5 more pounds. Even 90 lbs is gross!

  • If you didn't care you wouldn't be posting here.

  • Be happy with yourself.
    IF you're not, you have nobody to blame but yourself.

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