Fiancé Embarrased by my outfit

I have always been extremely conservative. I've been working out and dieting, and starting to feel good about myself. My friends and I all went out shopping yesterday, and they encouraged me to buy a dress out of my comfort zone for dinner and drinks out with our husbands/fiancés. The dress fit nicely, and was knee length, but had cleavage showing and was a bit lowcut. My girlfriends said I have low self esteem, and that I need to dress up. My fiancé does not like me to appear sexy when we go out. The girls said he isn't ever complimentary or nice, and I just for once need to dress up and look like a knockout and show him I've been working out and am proud of myself.

So all the ladies bought dresses and we all got ready together and then decided to meet up with our finances and husbands for fun. When we showed up, everyone said how great we looked, and wow! My fiancé gritted his teeth and I knew instantly I was in trouble. When we got to dinner, my fiancé wouldn't talk to me. When I came up to him and said I wanted to look nice and a little sexy for him, he told me to walk away or he would make a scene. We didn't talk at all during dinner. When we got home, he told me he'd never been so embarrassed of anyone in his life, that I looked like a s***, a w****, a stripper. He said that he was repulsed by me and disgusted with me. We slept in separate rooms. Tonight when he came home from work, he said he can't look at me and that he is going out, and didn't care if I was here when he got home. We've been together 10 years, and I've never dressed sexy once. I asked how he could throw us away over a dress, and he said obviously I'm not who he thought I was. I tried apologizing, but he said the embarrassment can't be forgotten, and the image of his friends seeing my cleavage is burned in his head and he won't forget. I feel so upset with myself that I wore something I knew he would disapprove of. I feel terrible that I disrespected him. What do I do???

Jun 24, 2016

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  • F*** him.
    He is a selfish, insensitive, A******.
    He has demonstrated beyond any and all doubt that your feelings and needs mean absolutely nothing to him and staying with someone who doesn't care about anyone/anything but themselves is a waste of time, energy and will only diminish your self-esteem and confidence.
    You deserve SOOO much better.
    You will be much less stressed when you are free from his s selfish insensitive judgemental FOOL!!!
    If you ever need a sympathetic ear 🍀

  • Dump his ass, where something sexy and find someone who will appreciate your body and your choices

  • I don't get it. I always tried to get my wife to dress sexier. He has issues......

  • 10 years is a long time to be with someone. But the fact that he is approving or disapproving of your dress in that way is a red flag! You've been working on yourself and a dress is a nice reward. You're young, you should show a little cleavage and your guy should have been supportive. Instead he showed you his true colors. The fact that you feel like you're in trouble... RUN, RUN FAR AWAY .. You should be able to feel sexy and good about your body. This guy does not deserve you. Let the dress be a blessing in disguise. Breaking up will be hard, but you'll be thankful in the long run.

  • Tell him to f*** off... I am a man and if you were my fiancée, I would've been proud to have you by my side...

  • I'm the OP here. My dress was a low cut and excessive cleavage was showing. I felt beautiful and very sexy, but it was a bit too much. In hindsight, it was disrespectful to my fiancé. Regardless, he decided that he does not want to continue on in our relationship. He said he wouldn't want to marry someone who would think it's acceptable to dress that way, and wouldn't want a w**** for the mother of his children. I'm in the processing of moving out, as he said he doesn't want to be together.

  • I'm sorry to hear that but you've obviously worked hard to look good, there's no reason to not flaunt it. It's not like you went out to a club dressed like a s*** to impress random guys. I say it's been a close call for you. You sound gorgeous and incredibly sweet and just wanted to show off your hard work. Please find the positives from this soon. I would have felt proud of you.

  • You should tell him to grow the f*** up. Why do you feel bad? I think you've actually realised who he really is. If you stay together, you'll end up with a miserable controlling husband who will act like a child unless you do as he says. Stand up for yourself woman! Be your own person. Unless your t*** were hanging out, he needs to man up and want to let people see he's got a hot wife to be. He should be proud of you. I'm a guy btw, I love when my wife looks hot.

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