What you should know before you have kids

- If your relationship is bad before kids, it will only get WORSE after kids
- Your house will never be clean again, until they move out
- You won't be able to use the washroom in peace until they are teens
- Having kids means you have a job, and are on call, ALL THE TIME until they move out
- You will have regrets and feel guilt all the time because no one is a perfect person and therefore no one is a perfect parent
- You will always be rushed, busy and might even have to eat your meals standing
- You will have to deal with comments from people who don't have kids, they are always the most judgemental experts at parenting
- Parenting is nothing like you think it is before you are a parent, your kids will be nothing like you think they will be
- Your kids won't do to what you SAY, they will do as you DO so make sure you quit your bad habits before you have them.
- They can be mirrors of who you are, be sure you love who you are or you might not love the reflection
- They want every second of your time, you are their hero after all
- For many, despite all the negatives, they are the most amazing, inspiring and beautiful people you will ever know

Just my take on parenting - there has been a lot here on kids lately so I wanted to add my views on parenthood. ;)

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  • Lovely confession,about the pros and cons of parenthood :)
    I've chosen not to have kids.I'm now 31 and I realised from the age of 6,I didn't want children.It's weird aswell,because I have two older siblings and they don't have children.They're in long-term relationships. I have one younger brother and he doesn't have any children either.
    I think its because,my father was a w**** and the women he slept with,before my mother and whilst he was with my mother,had many children and there children,started procreating quite young.We're the only children my dad had for my mother,who haven't had any children and I'll be honest,I feel quite proud of that knowledge.Like I said,my dad was a w****,but we aren't!! And my mother is and always has been,a honourable woman.It's a detriment to her patenting,for the reason we all accomplished much in our lives :)

  • This is so true...add the i wish i knew all the above before i started having kids to the list..

  • Yep :D

  • Well said

  • Thank you :)

  • One little question for the poster...
    Do you have a special needs child(-ren)?

  • No, spirited, willful and HIGHLY creative/imaginative though.

  • Well you shouldnt make generalizations based on your own experience, based on your own point of view, there is nobody else in this world like you (for good or for bad) so anybody else with a different point of view will see the entire experience different from you, at the end this is just your opinion on the matter, dont think that people should make life decisions based on what you think parenthood is, you dont own the universal truth of the world bud.

  • What you just said is only your point of view and should be disregarded by everyone (I wonder if you are even a parent or one of those "experts" I was talking about). Take a chill pill, all my friends with kids agree on this, we've talked about these points before.

  • Exactly!!

  • My kids have each gone ferrel at 16 and become human again at 18. My father passed away when I was 14. I wonder if there is a connection.

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