I let my husbands friend touch me

Last weekend we stayed with some friends at a cabin, Due to a shortage of bedrooms me and my husband slept on a blow up mattress in the living room, by bedtime we were all pretty drunk and I went to sleep in just my tank top and thong.
sometime in the middle of the night I woke up to hear foot steps coming down the hallway, I heard them stop then saw the bathroom light come on, With the light on it light up the living room quite well, I had my back to the bathroom and it seemed like it took a while for who ever was there to close the door, When the door closed I ran my hand across my bum and noticed that the covers were partially pulled off me and my bum was showing, I tried to get the covers back from my husband who was basically wrapped up in them and when the door opened again I froze, I knew my whole bum was showing but was just hoping it was her and not him or that if it was him he wouldn't notice and go back to bed, the door was left open a crack with a beam of light laying right across my hip, I noticed a shadow and heard footsteps move toward me then heard my husbands friend whisper "Holy, S***", I could see his shadow swaying from side to side in the light but was embarrassed and laid there pretending to be asleep, I could hear him moving around and soon it felt like he was right behind me, I felt him grab my ass cheek and give it a light squeeze, It surprised me but I didn't move, He squeezed my bum for a few seconds then I felt him slide his hand up my side and under my shirt cupping my b*** from behind, He massaged it for a few seconds then pinched my nipple, I rolled onto my stomach and he pulled his hand out then after a few seconds I felt him running his hand across my bum, I didn't know what to do but decided I had to put a stop to it, I was just about to roll over and I felt him slide his finger into my thong, I froze again and he went straight for it and slid his finger in my v*****, I could feel my hands shaking and didn't know what to do, He pulled his finger out of me and rubbed my bum hole and when he pressed his finger in it I couldn't take it anymore, I rolled over pulling the covers out from under my husband, He stayed still for a second then my husbands friend got up and left the room.
I laid there awake for at least an hour shocked, Appalled and grossed out before drifting off to sleep, In the morning he acted like nothing happened and so did I, We sat and talked a few times and he didn't seem nervous or anything.
Later that day the guys went fishing and me and her were sitting on the deck drinking, She told me "He woke me up around two o'clock in the morning trying to poke his b**** in my bum so I rolled over and gave him head, Usually when he is drunk I dread it because it takes forever but thank god he came right away", I didn't say anything, just laughed.
Weird....totally weird, then next night I wore sweat pants to bed.

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  • Oh my! You should have gone to bed buff the next night with your bum sticking out of the covers. Maybe he would have used something bigger than his fingers....

  • Gross, Gross, Gross, I don't think him molesting me is hot in case you are wondering.

  • Yes you do that's why you let it happen. Or even wrote it on the way you did, you know you liked it cheater -.-

  • I bet you enjoyed it

  • S***

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