Best wife ever

My wife rocks, She is a wonderful wife, Great mother, God friend and an amazing lover. My wife is 38 and i just turned 40 last night, we have had multiple kids and she still looks just as hot to me as the day we met, Yes she is more...Curvy than she used to be and yes some things are not as...Perky as they used to be but she can still rock my world and last night she did.
My wife had invited some friends over for a surprise birthday party which i had caught onto over a week ago but still acted surprised, After we seen everyone out the door we were cleaning up and she disappeared, I finished up and went to shower. I heard my phone ding while in the shower and checked it when i got out, She had sent me a pic of her legs in thigh high socks almost showing too much but not quite with a text saying "Come get your birthday present". I toweled off quickly and streaked through the house to the bedroom and when i opened the door my heart skipped a beat, My wife is kind of shy and reserved and she doesn't normally get too wild but she knows everything i like and everything i would want so when i opened the door she was in the position that if i could have posed her i would have went with that.
My wife is short, Average build with B-cups and an amazing, Round bum which i love and her vag...Oh my god, Pink, puffy lips, No big inner lips hanging out, Just perfect and bald. I stood and stared at her face and shoulders on the bed with her bum sticking up, She had her knees spread and was reaching back between them rubbing herself as she looked back at me. It took me a second but when she said "Happy birthday baby" I snapped out of it and all i could say was "Wow", She smiled nervously and whispered "Close the door", I closed and locked the bedroom door and she whispered "Come here birthday boy". Normally my wife is not into showing off or being too crazy but i walked up to her and put my hands on her bum cheeks, I started massaging them and then knelt down and she let me start licking her from behind, After a few seconds she reached back and put her hand under my chin and pushed up, I kissed her cheeks since she had never let me go near the other hole before and i didn't think that was an option but she reached back, Grabbed my hand and fumbled with it until she pressed my thumb on her bum hole, I went back to licking her while lightly touching the other hole and after a minute or so she was grinding her hips and clenching her bum and then spun around and got me on the bed on my back.
She sucked me for a bit then started riding me and leaned in whispering some dirty things in my ear, She has always told me she never did anything too wild before but she whispered "want to hear something dirty" and all i could do was nod my head, She whispered in my ear and said "Know how you always fantasize about me and ######" (Her bestie) I nodded and she proceeded to tell me a story about how they hooked up one drunk night in college and was very detailed, I was barely able to control myself as she told me about it and just at the end of the story couldn't help it, She moaned as i grabbed her hips and shoved it all the way in her as i finished then she made a pouty face and said "baby...Too much?" and as i went soft and slipped out of her she reached down and grabbed it stroking me as she whispered "you're not done yet".
She continued stroking me as she whispered in my ear telling me a story about how she got tag teamed before we met while on a trip with some girlfriends, A trip i had never heard about and i was back in action within a minute, She looked down then at me and said "Hmm, You like that one?", Again all i could do was nod as she climbed back on, I grabbed her round bum with both hands as she bounced up and down and she took my one hand, Put it to her mouth and sucking one finger getting it wet then reached back directing me to rub her bum hole again with that finger, She was riding and i was rubbing as she kept whispering in my ear telling me dirty stories and i pressed my finger into her bum hole, She tensed up and winced twisting a bit sideways then grunted "No, No...Not in...take it out" and then when i pulled it out she laid on my chest then sat up and slapped my arm saying "what was that", I apologized and we both giggled then she said "Ok...Enough of that" and rolled us over so i was on top.
We started going missionary and she put her legs on my back crossing her feet as i reached down touching her bum hole again, She tensed up a bit and said "NOT IN", I nodded and in a few seconds we were going again, she kept whispering stories in my ear and i was losing my mind, She told me she blew a guy in a bar, She let her room mates in college shave her vag which led to two of them watching the one shaving lick her, She let a group of guys watch her have a solo, and she really seemed to be into it, I was working on my second which hasn't happened in a long time but she asked if it was going to happen and i told her yes.
She finished and got off hard, Louder than i have ever heard her get off and i asked if i could finish on her b**** and got the expected reply of no but...Then she whispered "On my face" which i have pretty much begged for in the past and got told it was gross, degrading, Disgusting etc. I looked down at her beautiful face and said "What", She said "If you do it now, Like right now". Three more pumps and i pulled out, She put her hands on either side of her face and i shot my load hitting her right in the face, She jumped and squinted her eyes and groaned unhappily. I was a little surprised myself when i felt another load coming and came again which made her jump again and groan then with the third she sputtered and wiped her mouth saying "Ahhh, Ok, Ok, Stop coming" which made us both laugh as i tried to catch my breath. I got up and got her a towel, She wiped her face and felt her way to the master bath attached to our room like a blind person, She started the shower and got in while i cleaned up and changed the pillow cases.
when she came back we snuggled up and i whispered in her ear " left out...Well...A lot when i asked you multiple times about your past", She rolled over to face me, Looked at me and said "Uh...Yeah...None of that was real...That was totally for you, Do you think i ever did ANY of that and by the way that last part was a one time thing, So gross, Don't ever even ask", I was shocked that she had said it in the first place but i was more impressed that she stepped that far out of her comfort zone to even think all those stories up, We snuggled all night and in the morning i made her coffee and breakfast and she just smiled at me all morning.


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  • For me that is a fantasy that I will never have but it sure got me excited

  • Can I f*** your wife?

  • If only that was me. any surprise would suffice. any.

  • Lucky lucky boy

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