That explains a lot

My GF has the worst possible set up for a bedroom in her dorm, There is two girls in a room and the rooms are not very big, My GF's room mate is always home and always on her laptop so one night we decided to go for it with her in the room, She pretended she didn't notice and was facing the other way so my GF took it as a mission to try and get some sort of reaction out of her. Her roommate is a short, Skinny, Nerdy girl, If she is trying to pull off sexy nerd she is failing and just comes across as nerdy but my GF actually wanted a reaction out of her so she started getting more bold.
We would be laying on her bed and she started just jerking me in my sweats, Her room mate sat on her computer with her back to us, Next time she pulled it out and jerked me and her room mate just sat with her back to us again, Next she gave me a noisy blowie and her room mate was obviously trying to ignore us but I could see that she had a hand between her thighs, She kept on trying to show her friend my stuff but apparently it is not me she is into.
The last time we were getting down my GF was on her knees and had her bum kind of pointed toward her room mate, I was sitting up against the headboard and leaned forward pulling her sweats down, THAT is what got her room mates attention, She looked over her shoulder, Looked at my GF and got up, She walked over to her bed and laid down on her side facing us, My GF looked up at me with a mouthful of c*** and her eyes got wide, I just smiled and urged her to keep going, I reached back and pulled her thong down and her friend moved so she was facing straight toward my GF's bum, She slid a hand in her sweats and started rubbing herself and my GF laid on her stomach, She was still thinking her room mate would want to see me but I seen the disappointment on her face so using my foot I pulled off my GF's pants and thong then put my foot on the inside of hers and spread her legs.
Instantly her room mate got smiley and then lifted her hips and whipped off her sweats, she sat up and took off her shirt and laid back facing us with her legs spread, She is not super hot, she is real skinny and almost completely flat chested but she knows how to get herself off. My GF slid her hand under her hips and lifted her bum rubbing herself and her room mate slid to the edge of her bed so she is only a couple feet from my GF's bed and four or five feet from her p****, She sat on the edge of her bed and fingered herself never taking her eyes off my GF's p****, I watched her, My GF watched me and she watched my GF.
Didn't take long before we had a three way o*****, I grabbed my GF's hair and her eyes started rolling back in her head, I waited as long as I could to let her stop coming then shoved it right in her throat and I came watching her room mate come while watching my GF come. Afterward we all crawled under the covers and laid there not saying a word but now we know why she was never into watching us when my GF had her clothes on.

Feb 15, 2019

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  • I had a friend in college, Not a room mate but we were close, My boyfriend and I did it a lot back then so she would stay over and when he wasn't there we would sleep in the same bed and when he was there she would sleep on the floor, I woke up a couple times and my top was unbuttoned or my pants were twisted and sometimes I just felt like something had happened but we were pretty much always drunk and there was never any definitive proof.
    One time and one time only (That I am aware of) she watched us, She sat up on one elbow and we just kept going, She did a solo thing on the floor and we all went to sleep after, About a week after that me and her were alone in bed and she came onto me, She told me it was the hottest thing she had ever seen and that more than anything she wanted to hook up with me. It was college and stuff happened but we never went all the way, Me and my boyfriend broke up and she made me an offer to go down on me with no expectations of me doing anything in return, I declined and that was when she told me she was gay and in love with me (Pretty sure it wasn't love).
    Anyway it was more than I could handle at the time and after a few more attempts on her part and one close call where I agreed but I came to my senses before it actually happened, The year ended, We both went home and didn't stay in touch, I see her on facebook now and again and always with girls, Good for her, I hope she is happy.

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