I love to watch.

I love to watch my husband...Come, I blame him for starting me on this. When I was 16 and he was 17 we had attended a family wedding, He was my date and supposed to be staying in the room next to mine, Of course we were sneaking drinks blah, blah, blah and my sister who was 14 at the time was tagging along and got way trashed, We got her to the room and went back out, When we got back my parents had already gone to their room thinking we were all in bed, My sister was passed out face down on her bed in just a thong which I had recently gotten her into wearing so it was still new to her to even be in a thong but whatever.
At the time I was about probably 5 foot 4 ish and I don't remeber weight but I had small b****, I don't know why they took so long to...Blossom but my sisters were actually bigger so laying there face down they were squishing out the sides. Somehow he talked me into bending over between the beds on my bed which somehow he ended up turning me around and I was bent over her bed then I had the top half of my body on the bed and he was doing me from behind, He had slid his hand under my sister and was playing with her b*** so I pulled his hand away a couple times but then gave up and let him.
When he pulled out I was looking back over my right shoulder and I swear to god it was like slow motion and he shot his load up my back, Across my shoulder and I pulled my head back a split second before getting a facial and it shot right across my sisters bum. I gritted my teeth and said "Wipe that off NOW!!!!", He looked around and then used his hand to wipe it off so he was rubbing my sisters bum and I was like (Oh god...Can this get any worse), We finished and I told him to clean up and get out but of course being young he talked me into letting him stay, I ended up back on him while he sat on the couch and both of us were facing the beds so we are both looking at my sister in her thong.
Blah, blah and somehow I am face down beside her, He is groping her and not just her b****, He pulls out and straddles her leg shooting all over her back, Bum and thighs. I tell him to clean her up and he does but in the process of course gropes everything and rubes her vag...Blah, blah never happened again with her but like a month later we are in a hot tub with a friend of mine who is a bit heavier and had huge jugs, I don't even know why but all I could think of was watching him come on them, Yeah well, By the end of the night I have my head under her b****, He is jerking and I am sucking his b**** and he gives her a huge facial and I rub his load all over her b****.
That turned into her coming over all the time, I never let him do her but probably 50 times we both sucked him off and he came on her or both of us, We got married almost as soon as it was legal and I have watched him come on my sister, 4 of my friends, One on our wedding night and 3 girls I brought home from the clubs for him, It all progressed into full on threesomes but I only do it to get to the end result and I totally get off thinking about it constantly, Day after day I can just close my eyes and rub one out picturing all the loads on friends, Strangers and even once in a while that first night.
I don't know why that is the thing that gets me but it is.

Dec 1, 2020


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  • I love watching my hubby f*** other women hard. Then after he c*** inside them I like to lick his c** out of their p****

  • My very first girlfriend used to love to watch me c**. I would pull out after f****** her and she would either tell me to j*** off or she would grab my c*** and j*** me off until I shot my load on her.

  • I secretly enjoy watching my husband j***, I don't know why but he thinks I don't like it so he constantly asks for it and I keep saying no until I "Give in", I have never seen him do it on someone else but now that I have read this it seems like something that may be interesting to try.


  • My wife truly gets p***** if i come anywhere but on her face or t*** because she loves seeing it too

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