A weird friendship?

So, I have a friend. He has glasses, brown hair and pale skin, he's intelligent, likes learning new things (quite a geek, if you ask me) and I'm actually helping him out with his depression. We first met around five days ago, but we've grown fond of each other a lot since then. I feel like he needs to talk to me everytime we see each other. It's just something in his eyes that screams "help".
Sounds good, eh?
Hear that:
I meet him every night in my dreams.
I don't know how that works, I never met the guy in real life and I'm aware that his very existence is probably my imagination going wild.
My dream takes place in various kinds of places. In that dream, we spend a couple days just talking or sitting in silence and I know this talk heals him. We hold our conversations in two languages. After a few days, the dream fades away at the most unsuspected moment and I wake up, suddenly realising, that it's been only one night.
Next day I fell asleep and had a normal dream, with plot and things going on, but then he appeared and asked for a talk. I agreed and we did the same thing as we did the previous day (or night).
This's been going on for five days and I found myself going to sleep earlier so the guy doesn't have to look for me too long. (normally I watch tv shows until 5 am ;-; )
It's just that I'm either loosing myself for some fantasy or there is some supernatural stuff going on and I'm actually friends with someone in the world (I know, sounds unrealistic as h***).
Should I ask him his name? (I'm afraid that if I do, he'll just disappear - I can't risk that, that b****** needs me)

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  • F*** off m8

  • Some people say that if you have seen the person in a dream, you have seen them in real life. I think you should, and after you do, or before, make sure to give all the advice, motivation and comfort him. Maybe some day you will meet him. You also need to take care of your health and sleep well. Sleep deprivation might lead to lucid dreaming. I hope I didn't offend you in any way. Stay healthy!

  • These comments are off topic.

  • Agreed, I got carried away. Poor taste, blame Fro yo girl

  • You will know if you want them like that. Me and this friend. We need to be sexual, she has never had someone so open and neither have I. Idk things get awkward though. Just be real with each other. I felt like me and her got s*** crossed and it should had been about c****** on her face not loving her and tell her how I felt at the time

  • K so I had laugh, want to know something I have never told anyone. A girl was helping me, I give her my number and flirted with her and when she called that hour, i knew it was going to be more than s**. We talked and over a couple weeks my affection started to grow more and more for her. And then sexual feelings came into play. I was in my late twentys and she was 17 at the time. She asked incidentally what are you doing, I told her being interrupted before I came. She asked to watch on snapchat. So I showed her my c*** and jerked it and as I came she was wanting more. So even we knew we could never do anything one because even after she turned 18, I'm 7 inches but girthy and she was so impressed, months went by girls friends, gone and says she wants to come over. We had tlked about her sucking my c*** and she wanted to realiVe me. We are extremely close. Anyways so that night was our date, night before I got arrested and I was out on bail. So she was unsure if I was gonna be able to hang out and go on our date. So i ask her what she would like to eat. And she doesn't care, so I get takeout from the five star restruant, she knew we were seeing each other meaning it was a date. So go back to my house, get the plates out and make her a plate, and we eat and I'm not expecting a single thing, I just wanted to be next to here
    So we're open sexually, and she looks at this buldge in my pants. And I looked at her and said it's just my c*** and whip it out. She feels me and the thought just makes me hard. She looks at me like to ask if she can suck and I am like wtf idc. She sucks and honestly she is going to read this and probably write back, you know we needed to release that. But I need it again babe. And we can't date because of our age difference but I keep thinking about you. Not just the oral but how I know we can have more....idk it doesn't make sense. I miss everything

  • Point is, if you want to be sexual with him and I'm sure he wants it even if you think he doesn't, then don't tease him though me if you give in then trust him

  • There will always be better guys and girls, but this isn't just some girl. The way she sucks and swallows. Magical. I miss her tongue, and I want to go down on her and just c** anywhere and and please her. I want to eat you honey and love you in that way. I miss your huge t*** and I know you miss my c***

  • Lol

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