Fat acceptance is dumb

It's cool if you want to feel good in your own skin but don't try and force everyone else to be attracted to your fat ass. Models complaining about how they are asked to lose weight is like someone at subway b******* about how they have to make a sandwich.

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  • I agree, but only to an extent. No one lifestyle should be shoved down anyone's throats-- gay/straight, fat/swimwear model, women/men, etc. Do your own thing, but dial back the "----phobe!!" noise if you're not being worshipped. God, people are fragile these days!

    Where I disagree with OP and all other hooting morons is how they treat those they consider fat, especially from the safety of their anonymous keyboard. "Kumbaya.... land whale" crap like OP mumbled is passive-aggressive and immature af.

    Thinking about starting up with the tired old "But I'm 'concerned' about her health!!!!" routine? Don't bother. Do you care if a diabetic has high cholesterol-- if she's a size 4? No, you do not. You're just desperate for someone to bully because your own life blows and an overweight person's problem is much harder to conceal from the public than your abuse of your kids or your nonexistent s3x life or your weekend heroin habit or whatever else you're hiding.

    Sit down and shut up, mental midget.

  • Daaaamn,, I think I love you, keep being real to these retards

  • Trolling for fun?

  • Yeah that pretty much makes up 90 percent of this site

  • STFU, you whiny POS. No one is forcing you to like or accept fat people. Just mind your own God same business and stop your bullshit.

  • Keep b******* about photoshopped models and then photoshop the cellulite out of Ashley Graham's ass

  • F*** u too maybe go for a walk and eat enough food for one person per day instead of three...maybe stop blaming the fact that ur fat on everything but Urself...and yes in fact the media is really shoving that crap in everyone's face lol and you never see anything but a ripped dude beside these whales....

  • Eat s***, dumbass. I wonder what makes a little s*** like you come to a stupid site like this and rant about people they do not know and never will know......insecurity, a need for attention.....maybe mommy was fat and didn't hug you enough. Whatever the reason, you are obviously a sad little creature.

  • No one is forcing anyone to like fat people. If you dont like fat people then its fine but dont stop other people from wanting to be comfortable in their own skins. Sometimes we say a whole lot of dumb things like the comment you just said without ever thinking of the consequences but hey who am I to talk.

  • I'm just saying media should promote health as the goal to be attained not just giving up and saying we have to accept them as hot ex. Tess holiday

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