Now a days I hear so many sounds tell me how to deal,but I know there is something that strongly echoes I don't get sleep,my mind races to trace what it is,m y eyes become moist heart desperately want to hear from your lips to say just shut up and come to me, listening these I can even die happily knowing all my running,my equations,were right.
I will be spared of so many thoughts
There is something that my heart is scared,there is something that I can hardly breathe,there are so many things that i can't say which come on the lips .

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  • Options are available try out :) make your heart available and see if it can be captured ..you never know you might hit a jackpot this time :):)

  • I'd love for us both to shut each other up with a kiss.
    If you knew how I feel for you. There is so much going on inside. I choke up when I try and express it. I can't silence my mind at night either. You make the wild and tame in me sing. I'm scared of how much my heart feels like risking for you but I'm also scared of risking nothing. No one has captured my heart like this before.

  • :) loved the idea though if can be fulfilled only:')

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