I wanna do miss SIL and get her pregnant

I'm 36 yo, happily married with two wonderful kids, I love my wife deeply and it's all wonderfull.
The only "down" side is that she's good with having s** once a week or every other week and giving me oral same interval (Thus she believes the man should have more than one wife).
But, I want more... sometimes...
She's got an older sister (Joy-39) still single and not so bad looking. When Joy and I must run errands or things like that sometimes we grab hands but nothings happens and have a great time... like having fun with the high school sweetheart... it's silly I know.
But when we hold hands (fingers interlaced) I get a h******.
She has never giving me 'signs' per say or at least I don't seem to notice them.
The thing is... she (Joy) says she want to get married and have kids.... but... she doesn't even try to hang out with guys not even kiss-n-go.
Once, when some friends visited us and one joking around told me 'why don't you give her the seed so she can be mom and live her dream?' I say no! What? Are you nuts?? But deep... I've flirted with the idea.
Lately I've had this fierce desire to f*** her and get her pregnant to satisfy my desires to have her and enable her dream.
So I told my wife on the middle of a conversation about Joy getting a partner... 'what would you do if she ask us for my "seed"?' She said she wouldn't mind as long as she compromises not to s**** us later and have a mature agreement.
I hope that by telling this to the Internet I get relief for the stress this causes me (wanting to bang Joy and hoping that happen).
Please do not write that I'm an ass or idiot... I just want honest opinions.

Aug 22, 2016

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  • I actually was with a girl for 2 years who had the same conversation. She had offered me to her friend and had asked her friend to have a baby for us since she couldn't. As long as you are all consenting adults, do what makes you all happy and meets the needs of each person.

  • Go for it man up to the roots no condom

  • Your wife is useless u should be getting sucked each day

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