Revenge at last

I was unpopular in high school in the late 90s. I was overweight and very nerdy. People weren't mean to me - they just mostly ignored me. Year after year went by, and I got to see every girl I liked go out with other guys who I knew were total a*******.

After high school, I moved across the country and lost contact with everyone.

Now, 16 years later, I am living the American dream. I have a wife, kids, house, nice cars, and a great career with an excellent salary. Now that I've finally "made it", I find myself thinking more and more about what might have been had I been more popular in high school. It's probably just a mid-life crisis, but I've started going online and looking up girls I used to like.

They are all easy to find. They didn't move far from my hometown. All of them have children, but only two of them have husbands. The rest are either divorced or never married. They all have menial jobs - waitress, cashier, etc... Some of them have managed to keep their good looks, but most of them look exhausted and depressed in all of their pictures.

I've friended them all on Facebook. I love posting photos of how happy I am, or how much fun I'm having with my family and money, including trips overseas, concerts, etc...

I know that they really don't care what I am doing. And it's wrong, juvenile, and petty for me to take joy in this, but I do. It brings me a sick kind of joy, knowing that they feel a little of the sadness I felt when they rejected me in high school.

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