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I had a temp job the ended a few weeks ago and left to take another position. In a way, it was good that it ended sooner than expected, because I felt like I was getting too comfortable with my boss, that I would've started flirting with him had I stayed longer. We got along quite well and enjoyed the days where we were on the same assignment. I know that he enjoyed those days too (from a conversation we had on my last day). He enjoyed those days because I left my personal issues at the door (and worked on making jokes, being playful and friendly, but professional). What I liked about working with him, besides getting to look at him, was that he would give back the humor the way that I gave it to him. The part that was difficult was that I was (still am) attracted to him. He was (is) definitely blessed with some good genes. I noticed his face first and then I noticed his butt and hands. His overall physical appearance...well, I wouldn't kick him out of bed. There were times where I wanted to get him alone, rip his clothes off, and have my way with him. I wanted to spread my legs for him. It was definitely difficult for me to try and become more distant. He didn't make it easy. Every time we worked together, we'd give each other a hard time. Yes, we got the work done, but we joked around.

Although we were pretty open in our communication with each other, I never told him that I was attracted to him. I figure he was just being nice to me. Ok, I was the only one that he went at pretty hard with the humor, but that was because I went at him pretty hard (him and one or two others, everyone else a little bit depending on the group dynamics). He was friendly with everyone and was an all around nice guy. Professionally, I'd totally work with him again, but I digress. I can't tell him. Why? Because if he doesn't feel the same way, then I'd ruin any chances of being able to do that temp job again next summer and I'd lose him as a professional contact and reference. Even if he did feel the same way, I'm not sure how well it would work out...with us being in different states.

As a side note, I should say that my humor tends to be dry and sarcastic, working off whatever is going on at the moment, quite organic. I like saying things with a straight face to watch the reaction of the others, see how long it takes them to realize that I'm making a joke.

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  • Your problem is that you are putting your professional work with your personal life. You should tell him and keep it on your personal life.and when contact reference youbl have to be professional when you have too and do not mix your personal life with your job.

  • Yeah and the personal life could mess up the professional life.

  • Ur a fuckup

  • Care to explain why?

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