Got harassed and lost a job

I'm top of my class master's program in Art History & appreciation from Belmore U. i was waiting to get a job in my field but my parents stayed on my ** to get a job with insurance. I had to take a job with a call center paying less than I deserve. what's worse is i had to start with a temp company for 90 days. wtf that's discrimination but i'll post that rant later. it was my first week and on Wednesday i got harassed and reported it. this old guy came by and invited me to have lunch with everyone. he says everyone goes to lunch at Salsaritas on wednesday and wanted to invite me!! I screamed and reported him to my boss. my boss didn't do nothing! I reported him to hr and they told me it's not harassment! i told them unwanted advances is harassment. He asked me to lunch and I want him fired! They told me he has a wife and family and inviting me lunch with everyone that's not harassment. I refused to go back till they move him. they told me to report bake to my temp company and not come back. harassment at work!!

Dec 10

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