I think it's over

There are days where I'm stress feel and can allow myself to feel love for my husband. But some days, he just is so naive and ignorant to adult life. He spends money on motorcycles, he even took out a $900 cash advance on a credit card to purchase one he said he'll flip in the fall. Never asked me, just came home looking for a ramp to hoist the bike onto his truck. When I confronted him about it later, he said it was his money to take. We don't even have milk in the fridge. I thought marriage was suppose to be about us and our? We have a 2 year old together, but I feel so much better when it's just me, the baby and our dog. My husband causes me great stress, which in turn makes me agitated and cruel towards him. I don't want to live like this forever and we've been to counseling before about the money issues, but I don't see us ever becoming a team. His family doesn't like me and the feeling is mutual, so I don't see how divorce would be that bad. During a recent argument, I said I was going to divorce him in two years, but he ignored me. I'm pretty certain on that time period though.

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  • Leave the daft fool

  • I agree, time to leave. Listen, I left. I became a single parent. It was hard at first, but I am doing really well now. I work, and I love my job. I have a nice place. My child is thriving and doing well in school. I date. I am happy now, and I was so unhappy when I was married. I am single, and sometimes that is lonely, and sharing custody can be tough... but overall life is so so so much better.

  • S**** that, he's selfish. He has a 2 year old, no milk in the fridge. Time for him to become a member of the check of the month club!

  • Time to leave

  • It's time. And it's really sad that money is such an issue. And the fact that he is irresponsible and careless is super scary. It's one thing for him to come to you and say I would like to buy this toy. And together you can look at your finances to see what's realistic to see how it can happen. Opening up a credit card isn't free money. He has to pay that back. It almost isn't worth it to deal with it anymore. You know what you have to do. It's sad that's your marriage is coming to an end, but really what more can you do? Divorce sounds like the best option. Hope he will still make an effort to be a father in your child's life. And step up and pay child support. But you have to have your priorities in order. Curious.. why 2 years? Why not now?

  • I was laid off when I was pregnant and used the unemployment as a way to stay home for a year with our baby. I went back part-time when he was 1 and full-time a few months ago. I depleted my 401k and used up all my savings to pay the mortgage and things for the baby. I figure 2 years will be enough time for me to save some money

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