Don't Be Friends With White People Because You'll Feel As Sick ME

I'm a black girl and on the outside looking in, you see how crazy white people are by simply watching them, you began to understand that this is why they need written laws to know that something is evil to do like murdering... because they ARE certainly doing that, like they're doing to us!

But then they like to claim 'everyone was doing that!' as if that is a f****** excuse, just like they need written law to tell them that shouldn't be an EXCUSE or they're a f****** murderer. But, add racism in and now they don't care because it's about a black person they don't care about (or maybe they don't know they're black because they like to pretend we don't exist) and like the lame fools white people are they'll just ignore everything, by being colorblind... because a disability is better than ACTUALLY resolving racism!

They are awkward because they communicate with bullshit politeness to the next white person to then replace it with acting PC when they start talking to Black people, it's like they just can't communicate, so they are liars instead which allows them to be racist so they can feel superior. It's so f****** annoying.

So, I hate dealing with Whites, because they'd rather be awkward or distrustful rather than getting rid of the WHOLE issue and simply just NOT be a racist, and as a result, we've suffered slavery and now abuse from them... but if they'd stopped it wouldn't have happened.... but then to white people everything is ABOUT ME ME (like this 'all about ME' generation) while they'll become a loser in society that can't do s*** in their minimum wage job, because they forced everyone else to do it for them. Karma comes back and they start getting mental sicknesses because they get so tired of everyone.

Just like I'm tired of them.

They're either awkward, distrustful or....racist. So, I only spend time with black people. Whites are a miserable people, and so I'm miserable around them, but at least with blacks folk I can be alive enough to be AWAKE and live in reality more. My only regret is I should of done THAT instead of choosing to be with these maniac white people, and I suffer that consequence every day.

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  • I'm a white and can confirm this is pretty much true.
    Not neccicarily an excuse but racism is a form of indoctrination. I am racist and always will be, sad but true.
    Do what's good for you it's important to take care of yourself.

  • You are very messed up. You have made up this lie in your head based on your little closed off world and think that it is the same for everyone. You are an idiot and you have become the worst kind of RACIST yourself. You are now the thing you hate. Congratulations. You now hate more than anyone and you are spreading your hate to others. YOU are the problem. You are the racist. Don't go on justifying your hate. Fix yourself.

  • Stop being racist! Your views are contributing to the continuation of racial prejudice. We need to unite as fellow human beings, regardless of race,
    to end racial prejudice, not, keep it alive!!

  • I'm a person.Yes,my ethnicity /race is Black.But I'm a person,utmost and foremost.
    I've witnessed different forms of racism and prejudice,all my life.Primarily from,some individuals,that were White.But also from other races aswell.But just because of those experiences,I don't assume and stereotype,that all white people are the same.

  • My heart hurt,as I read this confession.In the Uk they still have racism,but it's subtle racism.In the USA,it's more in your face,racism.
    Why can racism just end!!! Its a disease that's plagued our earth,for far too long.Mankind is and has been the problem.Mankind revolutionized,"racism" but mankind can eradicate it,aswell.
    It'll take time though.

  • You know what I'm sick of racism. It's so freaking lame. Are humans that stupid and blind. These are the most uncertain of times. We have wars, rumors of wars, disease,, famine, weather issues, earth quakes and Trump and Clinton and we are steal dealing with pigmentation and color. We are still dealing with the curse of Willy Lynch. Seriously people can we just move on. Let it go.... Please just let it go...

  • I agree with you 100%. Let's just move on and just work together to get past the day! Who gives a f-/$k what color you are! Good and bad is what makes up the human race. I agree. Let's move on!

  • I'm white and I actually agree. I'm sorry you've felt this way, but I hope you know some whites who don't mistreat you like this.
    To those who say this post is racist, don't look at it way, she's just getting something off her chest about her experience with a particular race, and yes her experience has led to feelings of hate, but isn't that understandable given her position? Wait until you've spent a day in her shoes and see how different it is to be treated as a minority, and a woman. I volunteer at a shelter downtown and see this all the time. We can all be a little more understanding of each other.

  • Rationalize all you want, making generalizations about an entire race of people based on your narrow experience with a few of them is always wrong, no matter who is doing it or why. The OP could have just as easily complained specifically about the white people in her life, and it would have been fine, but to assume all white people are the same and to make hateful blanket statements about them, that is prejudice.

  • You're a racist.

  • Sounds like a troll probably a white guy

  • My aren't we angry? Just look at this diatribe. Remember this angry black person. A half-truth is still a lie and everything you said is only half true.

  • We're not all bad. And to be honest what you wrote comes off pretty crazy and racist.

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