Pregnant by my cousin

I haven't had set with anyone in the past year expect with my own cousins.. Yes.. "cousin(s)".. and I haven't had s** in like 6 months.. I feel occasional kicks in my stomach, and I don't wanna be a murderer but I don't wanna bring this baby to the world knowing its my COUSIN'S BABY.. Because everyone will hate me everyone will look differently about me..people whom I don't know will hate me as well.. And I have been drinking.. I'm a drinkerrrrr
Mind that I was drunk when I f***** him.. I was a hoe back then, and I cant stop myself from being a hoe.. But now I'm done with that s*** because it finally caught up with me.. AND IM PREGNANT FROM MY COUSIN?!

Anyways I'm asking you guys:
Should I;
1.Lie and tell it's from a 1night stand
2.Face the consequences and tell the truth
3. Risk my life and take a baby's life away and have an abortion

Or leave a comment below please.. I'm desperate

Sep 9, 2016

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  • Get a abortion you dirty dirty ... Dirty s**** you think the baby will be happy knowing its parents are f****** cousins ? You sick b******

  • You must stop thinking about what others are going to say or think about you you have to make your decision looking in yourself about what are you feeling what are you going to feel, this is your life it's anyone else life so just stop thinking about other and start thinking about you, make your life with you in the center and make decisions about how you feel about them. do with what can be better for you and your feelings about.

  • Have the baby and make u cousin mary u if you live in WV or AL but if not then hit him up for child support and get u a free ride with a mutant child.

  • This comment is so wrong but I couldn't help but laugh. Don't take this commentors advice please lol

  • Yeah the truth doesn't always set you free because people will shame you & throw it in your face for the rest of your life .. on top of that the family will feel awkward everytime your child & you go to family functions which will make you feel like s*** to .. so yeah, go with the one nite stand thing, but the thing is if you put the baby up for adoption you may get shamed & questioned for that to because your family may wonder why would you want to put a baby up for adoption from a one night stand? this is why i don't understand the incest route .. i mean yeah who doesn't have attractive family? but the attraction should never drive us to the point where were f***** them .. there are too many people on the planet that are lookin to get f***** therefore, we shouldnt even be thinking about going to the family tree ..

  • You are an alcoholic and really need to stop drinking. I recommend Alcoholics Anonymous for this. Those people saved my life and will save yours too. I would get an abortion. Most babies could have birth defects when relatives have s** and make a baby. Since there is a double standard in life about women being whores if they have s** a lot, you will be s*** shamed. Its not right but that is how life under patriarchy works. Get sober, start loving yourself, and you'll make better healthier decisions in the future. Good luck:)

  • For starters, stop getting drunk and having s** with your cousin. Seriously, there are no other guys you can s****? And then look into some serious birth control. You didn't think there was anything wrong sleeping with your cousin until after you got pregnant. Being drunk is really not a good excuse. You made a choice and this is the unfortunate consequence. Just own it. How far along are you? 6 months along and you had no symptoms except occasional kicks? It can happen, there is that TLC show.. You should go to a doctor immediately and make sure you and the baby (regardless of your decision) are okay. Chances are it's too late for you to get an abortion as you are past 24 weeks. As for what to do.. Going to say #2. It won't be your proudest moment. But sometimes coming clean will clear your conscience. It's really easy to lie, but you will still need to deal with all of your emotions of carrying a child for 9 months and then putting him/her up for adoption. A baby isn't like a puppy that you changed your mind about. Your body has a connection to it, regardless of who you slept with. Adoption may be the best option, you wouldn't have to coparent with your cousin. Maybe you can consider an open adoption if you think that you may want a relationship with this child. Definitely time to think about things. And your cousin should be aware of what you are deciding.

  • Agree. It's not the baby's fault. Give the baby up from a one night stand

  • Have the baby and put it up for adoption. Go the one night stand route.

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