Rant about Chicago's violence (WARNING: Political Incorrectness)

I'm a contractor living in the Chicago area, and I often like to take the train and go down to the city to visit the museums when I have some days off. I know I can handle myself so far regarding my own safety, and I stay in the downtown area. Nothing has happened to me, save for a few harmless bums bugging me for cash. But as the days pass and these black thugs continue to rob people more and shoot anything that moves more, I fear that it is going to come to a point where it will be too dangerous for me to visit. Going down to the city and visiting the museums is one of the few things that bring me enjoyment in life right now. I love the city, and I'd hate to lose it to these cancers who just love shooting things for no other reason than just to shoot things. Every shooting story p***** me off and makes me more racist to the point of irrational logic. These "people" are savages who know nothing but the bloodlust that terrorists share, and unless something incredibly drastic is done to combat this disease, the city is done for. But I doubt this will happen. The numbers keep going up, the violence and crime get closer to downtown, the mayor is a ball-less jew who probably masturbates to every shooting story, and groups like black-lives-matters want to protect this disease.

If you're going to find this offensive, then do you want to know what's more offensive? The daily robberies and violence that Chicago's experiencing.

I'll just end my rant here.

Sep 11, 2016

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  • I blame the black people

  • Oh my goodness! You poor darling! What an inconvenience it is to be bothered by those lowly bums when you are just trying to visit your beloved museums. All of those poor commoners should be eradicated from the city. And those blacks who shoot at any thing that moves must be devastating when you are just trying to drive your new sports car to a place where you can be surrounded by other white people and be safe. We all know that white people never shoot guns at anyone. Especially white cops. They are the peace makers. I think that's what Chicago needs is more well armed white cops to protect those important citizens that are just trying to visit the museum because that's what community is all about.

  • I see your sarcasm....and I like it.

  • As a Black person I understand your sentiments about wanting to keep your community safe. I also want to keep my community safe. The problem with your post is that you are starting to label all Black people as "thugs" instead of individuals. These people that shoot up their community are not the whole Black race. There all good people in those communities who are frustrated and suffering just as much as you are. Be a little more empathetic to these people. So please refrain from labeling us all as a collective. I cannot speak for all Black people because I am an individual, but I hate when white people---or any other race for that matter----labels us all the same. There are bad people in many races, so I do not feel it is fair that you would label us all when clearly you do not know every single Black person in America to make that judgement. Black Lives Matter is NOT supporting the criminals in our communities, we are supporting a way to end the injustices and unfair biases (like the ones you clearly represent in your post) when it comes to the good, hardworking people in our communities who are unfairly labeled as criminals just because they are black, dress a certain way, talk a certain way, look a certain way, or grow up in a neighborhood like the one you speak of. We are standing up for ourselves and it seems White people like to label that "terrorism". The shooting of police officers was tragic, but it is not the ideology that BLM represents or respects. We want clear communication on how to FIX the problem. A problem that people choose to sweep under the rug. There are clear statistics that this country still holds racist sentiment. It's shameful that instead of talking about the racial division and systematic racism that is clearly still going on in this country that white people (or whatever race you are) would choose to paint us all with the same brush. Instead of saying you hate criminals you choose to label us all as such. Shame.

  • Vote for Trump - is our only chance!

  • Shut up. Trump is not qualified to be president.

  • The thing I find offensive is the way you continue to run rather than take action. Everyone says the same thing, they're sick of it. If you're running away, giving up your way of life, living in fear, staying indoors, then doesn't that mean they've already won?

  • It's sad that you don't find it offense because OP is clearly allowing the actions of a few to skew his perception of all black people. If he's so concerned about his community instead of staying on the "good side", why not find ways to help these people? Educate them. Show them there's a better way. Crime is directly correlated to poverty. Maybe if he would get off his high horse and do something he wouldn't be so afraid.

  • Yeah right. Because inner city ghetto rats of any color are so respectful and responsive, especially to rich-assed knights in shining armor who think they have any idea how to authentically address multiple long-standing social issues. And if the knight is a white one? Might as well prep the body bag right now...

  • They have guns

  • Where the f*** is Matt Lauer at? Somebody get Katie Couric in here
    Probably scared of all the refugees, look like we had a f*****' hurricane here
    They'll be shooting whether it's dark or not, I mean, the days is pretty dark a lot
    Down here, it's easier to find a gun than it is to find a f****** parking spot
    I know you scared
    You should ask us if we scared too
    I know you scared
    Me too

  • Learn what proper punctuation is please....

  • Maybe look up grammar n*** see how liked by everyone u r

  • I bet u put proper punctuation in ur txt messages right ? Lol f****** tool

  • Not trying to be a grammar N*** but whatever. I'm just saying it's hard to understand the concept of your comment without proper punctuation. Believe it or not run on sentences are hard to understand. And to the guy above who called me a tool, yes, I actually do use proper punctuation in my texts.

  • Listen to Chance the Rapper if you wanna undrstnd

  • Word.

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